October 20, 2020

Little Travel Bug Review on Mums and Stories


(Cover Photograph of the Little Travel Bug Book)

It’s nice to have travel books especially those that are curated for kids. So we at Mums and Stories received these two amazing scrap books and the one on destination scrap book is a novel concept and found it really cool.

What we loved on Little Travel bug is the fact that it is informative and attractive with pictures, maps and also has spaces allocated to paste hard copies of photographs that might be taken in a destination.

( Inner page of Little Travel bug, Hong Kong)

This one is on Hong Kong and gives out sufficient information that can be taken as a clue on any destination one visits in life. Learn a few phrases of local language, find out on the local cuisines, attires, way of life and interesting aspects that can surely enhance a travel diary.

Little travel bug Hong Kong is colourful, informative and is a perfect gift for travel freak parents and kids.

If you are by any chance, travelling to Hong Kong with your child or know someone, they would definitely love this scrap book.

There’s also a generic scrap book to chronicle national and international travels. We found both intriguing but give a thumbs up to the destination scrap book.

(My Travel Scrap book by Little Travel Bug)


Check the video review here.

Mums and stories loved the concept and would love this for national destinations too.

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