September 22, 2020

Reshma Venkatraman talks on art being an important aspect to her personality.

Meet an artsy mum who believes in beginning a new phase at every possible opportunity.  She shares on how art has helped her gain another identity that she fiercely adores as much as her identity of being a mom.

Reshma Venkatraman is an artist, mum, someone who dabbled with a almost forgotten hobby and converted into her career and successfully made into be an important part of her identity. She shares with Mums and Stories, “ As a child I never liked art at all. In fact I hated drawing. But after my board exams, I joined a hobby drawing class.

Soon my mentor and teacher at the class was impressed with my sketches and slowly I too started enjoying it. That’s how art became part of my life.

But I began my actual career in arts when I was 40 years, after doing my CA and even working in the corporate world.


( A painting by Reshma Venkatraman)

If kids are interested in arts, do encourage them as it’s like a God’s gift to create one own’s world. “

Talking about taking time out to build up one’s own passion or interests, Reshma shares, “As a mom you will never get any time for yourself. You have to find time and balance things.

Kids don’t need a perfect mother, they just need your love and attention.


( Reshma Venkatraman with her kids).

So give all the love and take time out to follow your passion.

Art is a big stress buster, so if you are inclined towards it, believe you me, you will always feel happy while doing it. So whether working in corporate world or at home, art (in any form) will definitely bring some much needed peace.

Also I remember, as a kid I always had my mother at home when I came from school. So I always wanted to be there for my kids when they need me. The smile that one gets to see on kid’s faces and the hugs when they are back from school is much more than I would have earned in my job. As for the financial part, well, I am lucky and blessed as my life partner is taking care of the needs.

(A painting by Reshma Venkatraman)

So even though I was doing well in corporate world, I happily chose to be at home for my kids. No regrets no worries. I also had a clear intention to do something in arts too when I could make time for it.


In fact I also managed to hold up a dual exhibition this August 2018, along with my friend Neha Agrawal at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. But to pursue your hobbies or interests and to make it a viable identity or part time or full time option, good family support is extremely important.


So apart from being a mum to 12 year old son and seven year old daughter, I am a full- time artist, and I work when I have the spare time.

Regarding exhibitions, and getting noticed, I can say that ‘Patience and hard work’ is the key. Do those kind of art works that come from your heart, what you like and not necessarily what others will like.

Also please understand that not  all exhibitions have a sale. So that is not the criteria. Sale will happen eventually. Exhibitions do help in showcasing your work. So to wrap up I can say that they do help you in gaining good exposure.”

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  1. Wow, a true mother’s inspiration. You are actually inspiring my son as well as his drawing teacher. He always enjoys your appreciation

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