September 22, 2020

Mukta Basandani talks on her five year old Kamakshi’s Mandala pursuits

Meet Mukta and her adorable daughter who took a keen interest in drawing mandala designs and now is taking dedicated time to absorb herself in it. She has already had an exhibition of her work late last year  and got her name entered for being the youngest Mandala artist.

Sharing her story with Mums and Stories, Mukta says, “My little one started with my de-stress Mandala coloring book. I am an artist and I keep learning new art forms. Kamakshi accompanied me to one such Mandala workshop which was taken by an artist from Delhi. From there she got into drawing her own Mandalas.

Since coloring Mandala improves concentration, I made her do this art form everyday as meditation for 15 minutes, before her studies. Day by day her work was improving. Her Mandala pieces looked beautiful and she had reached a high level of perfection. Then we thought of exhibiting her work.  So after few days of her 5th birthday she put her first exhibition in Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.


Young Kamakshi holds the record of being the youngest Mandala artist as per India Book records.”

Mukta further explains, “ Mandala is a complex art form, mostly in a circular shape. The designs made in a Mandala are very intricate. Mandala starts from the center, moving outwards.

Any child who can write, can make Mandala, provided the child should be able to sit for 3-4 hours. Drawing mandala needs lot of concentration and patience to finish.


She has been taking interest in art since she was 1.5 year old, by the time she was 2 years old,  her art videos were viral and she had coverage in newspapers for her work. She has mastered many art forms. Simultaneously she is also very fond of reading books, has a mini library of over 150 books. She loves buying books for herself. For now I just want her to enjoy whatever activities she is interested in. When children enjoy any activity they do a better job.”

Talking about being a mum, Mukta shares, ” Motherhood is a pure bliss. I am reliving my childhood with both my daughters.


Every parent want to see their children shine one day when they grow up and make you proud.  My husband and me have been fortunate to get this opportunity so soon.

It feels great to be invited to the events where Kamakshi is honoured.

Because of her achievements, I was  invited in her previous school to take parenting workshop. At the moment I am enjoying the recognition with my daughter and obviously happy for her. Usually children are recognized by their parents and here, we as parents are getting recognition by our daughter, who is just 5 years old.”

Mums and Stories wishes the enthusiastic mum and the young creator the very best in life.

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