October 4, 2022

Festival Stories Through the Year Review on Mums and Stories

If you have a young child in India, you will sooner or later explain, discuss a few festivals at least at home, courtesy your own habits and practice of celebrating some festivals, or with school holidays for certain festivals and even to talk about what your parents celebrated or festivals celebrated by others.

In short, childhood discussions aren’t complete without festivals. To some extent this may be missed by Indian parents living abroad as festivals bring host of memories with decor, rituals, new clothes and of course food.

Festival through the year Stories by Rachana Chhabria is a delight when it comes to understanding the practices of myriad festivals followed in India. There are certain common festivals like Diwali or Christmas or Eid which are celebrated across the country and some which are region specific.

These festivals are highlighted through a story of twins Natasha and Nikhil, two school going children who are sent to India to stay at their grandparents home in Bangalore as their parents felt it was time for them to absorb Indian culture.

As the children haven’t spent much time in India, relocating meant a huge decision. They had to be with their grandparents for a year before their parents could finally move to India.

Both Natasha and Nikhil are interested in writing about their festival experiences through their dadu, dadi and several others who either work for Dadu or those who are in touch with the elderly couple and children get to know of various festivals.

Explained in simple terms, the book talks on various festivals like Ugadi, Sankranti, Holi, Mahashivratri, Bihu, Easter, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Navroz and so many more.

It is the short encounters of kid’s experiences, or them getting invited to someone’s home with their grandparents that they understand, celebrate and respect all festivals.

They keep a journal to note down their experiences and it does get interesting to understand how they perceive these rituals, beliefs and celebrations.

Mums and Stories surely recommends this one for parents

You can buy the book  here

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