June 25, 2021

Embracing transition is important to move ahead in life says athlete Anusuya Alva

Meet Anusuya Alva who has been a professional athlete, participated in the Triathlon sport in Australia in 1991 and won the bronze medal in 1992 at the Triathlon Asian Championship in Japan.

She shares with Mums and Stories her journey of taking up professional sports and giving it up to take on motherhood role full time and now she is back as a fitness enthusiast.

Anusuya shares, “I grew up in Bangalore and right from childhood, I was inclined and encouraged to get into sports. I was an athlete during my school days and later was keen to participate in Triathlon which was a new game in the world back in 1990’s.

I remember running on the roads as part of my training. There was no facilities, equipment’s, coaches, marathons; none at all as a form of training. I would cycle to Hoskote and be back as a grind. I did training on my own for my participation in the triathlons.

(Anusuya at the Triathlon Nationals, Chennai). ( Photograph subject to copyright).

My dad was a terrific supporter and at 19 years I had achieved quite a bit. I enjoyed it and completed my education. Soon I was married and had a baby. Before I knew, I had somehow myself in being a mum and said a goodbye to the earlier avatar. There were no regrets back then and it hasn’t been even today.  It was my choice and I was involved in what I took up and it was parenting.

From being a sports personality who had won accolades to being a wife and then a mum; it was a transition and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

My son and daughter are not into competitive sports and I am not keen to push them into it, though I would have loved it if they had taken it up seriously. You have to enjoy what you play without any pressures.


Today I am back in taking up sports and I do participate where I can give my bit in swimming and squash. My children have grown up and I do have the time to take up again what was once my identity.

It’s of course wonderful to see so many women being aware of health and participating in walks, marathons, sports and I always say this ‘ it’s always the right time to be fit.”


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