January 26, 2021

Me and Ayanna mum shares her journey of converting passion for dance to being in the limelight

Meet the dancing daughter and mum Ayanna and Shweta Manocha who have created the right buzz for being the adorable dancing duo.

A video of theirs went viral and now they are dancing more, much to the delight of their admirers.

Shweta who is based in Lucknow shares with Mums and Stories, “Ayanna and myself both are fond of dancing. Actually we never had concrete plans of making videos and posting them on social media.

But once after listening to the song Lamberghini , was so hooked to it that I asked my daughter that we are performing.

This was the first time we have danced together. All of this started around 20th January 2019, I had posted the video on my personal Facebook page and from my page it went viral like crazy to different social media pages. The count on what we have officially is 12 million plus views!!

We have made two videos in a span of three months, the first one on Lombergini and the second on Leja Leja.

The second video was made only and only because we were showered with so much love and admiration from lakhs of people which led us to create our Facebook page Me and Ayanna

The response in the second video is also outrageous.We have crossed 5 million views on that video on different social media pages #one dance # kalakaar # Me and Ayanna.

Ayanna was learning Bharatnatyam and as far as I am concerned, I have been fond of dancing on foot tapping numbers.

By the grace of God, Me and my daughter Ayanna share a friend like bond amongst us. We have definitely got closer during this whole process of practice sessions and finding another angle of common interest.

Ayanna is a darling and tries to adjust with her mom’s comfort zone,in regards to the choreography or the selection of songs. I am a hHomemaker actively involved in our business of dry cleaning which is spread in entire city and I work outside home when the kids are at school. “

Talking about the road ahea, this mum with a beautiful smile shares, “ As far as practice yes we will practice on Bollywood popular number as and when required for posting on our page.

The good news is that we have been contacted by fashion brands for endorsements, which are in pipeline and will be finalised soon.

Ayanna is just 12 years old and dance is her favourite hobby. There are currently no plans of pursuing as dancing as a career. Since the page has got us so much popularity and love , we are going with the flow as we don’t know what is stored for us in the future.

We have received countless messages and comments of appreciation  and some have mentioned that when they feel low, they watch our video and feel better.

The comments and reverts are very encouraging and a reward for us.

Shweta wraps up by saying ‘God is kind’.”

Mums and Stories wishes both Ayanna and Shweta the very best in the future. We also loved the caption Ayanna’s cover page caption – ‘The more I grow the more I realise my Mom is my best friend.

Check the video that went viral


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