July 14, 2020

Engaging activity books from Sonia Mehta and Puffin books

If there is one author, mum, grand mum, entrepreneur, quiz lover who has perhaps been busy in the last few months and ensuring kids have enough activities to keep them engaged, get hold of the books by Sonia Mehta on environment, math and English. Published by Puffin Books, they incorporate storytelling in one series on environment while the other two focus on activities and skill building in language and math.


The Green World- Let’s save the Environment together – The Mystery series featuring adorable kids who are true econuts, so conscious of their environment have tricks and interesting ways to save, conserve energy, water, beat pollution etc. It’s a new story in each of the series (a set of five books) and there are simple activities like crossword or practical activities of doing something like making a pollution catcher or being an eco-detective! One can colour, do a matching game, work out a puzzle, find rhyming words and many more activities in the book.


Econuts are kids who are passionate about the environment and you can be one too. The ones featured in the series are Dewy who gets furious when anyone wastes or pollutes water, Waggy who is an animal lover, Pebbles who believes recycling is the mantra for life, Woosh who is pollution crusader and Petals who adores plants. The stories and the activities from each book, focused on one theme per book flows through the book and gives an engaging read.

The books are well researched and are a good source of reference for kids aged from 6 to 10 years.

Next we found interesting were the Math Fun activity Books-Skill Builder Series that has puzzles, practices for basic arithmetic problems, colouring and more activities for 6 to 9 years. There are four books, each going upward in its level of difficulty and becoming interesting for the age group. This series is engaging for activity based time for kids.


In fact the entire series can be bought where group of kids of varying ages from 5 to 10 years can have storytelling, do math and do a practical activity suggested in the Green World series. This can be a fun hour for kids together or a play date or cousins meet up .


Lastly Sonia Mehta brings the language series of Fun with English with crosswords, explanations, usage, fill in the spaces activities, word challenges and so on. This is for seven plus group and for those who do have a bit of grasp on grammar.

You have the Phenomenal Phonics, Incredible Idioms, Perfect Punctuation, Wondrous words, Figures of speech in this series.

Overall we liked the series and found Green World series most engaging.


Mums and Stories gives the entire series 4.5 over 5


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