September 28, 2020

Review of Diary of an Awesome Friendly kid and Wimpy kid- Getaway


If there’s one series that the nine year old at home has completely loved, adored and goes for many re reads, then it has to be the Diary of a Wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney.

We have earlier too reviewed three from this series and they have a distinct style of humour, that’s not loud, interesting and truly brings relatable incidents for 8 to 11 year olds.


It’s essentially a journal of Greg Heffley, who is a young boy and is growing up in a regular household of loving parents and siblings. But Greg finds humour in everything, may not be intentionally and this is expressed in his journal.

In Diary of an awesome kid, it’s Greg’s friend Rowley’s journal but he’s writing it for himself and his life incidents with Greg.

Short excerpt from Diary of an awesome friendly kid
” There’s a kid named Tevin Larkin who lives over on Speen Street and last summer his mom invited me and Greg to Tevin’s birthday party. We didn’t want to go because Tevin is hyper but both our mom’s said we HAD to.

It turned out that me and Greg were the ONLY kids invited to Tevin’s party but we didn’t know that until we got there.

After we gave Tevin his presents, his mom said it was time for party activities.

The first activity was to watch this movie about a guy who could turn into a bear and an eagle and a bunch of other animals.

When the movie was over Tevin wanted to watch it AGAIN. But me and Greg told Tevin’s mom we didn’t want to watch the movie a second time so she said we could move on to other activities like pin the tail on the donkey.

Well that just made Tevin MAD.

He got all round up and started acting like the guy in the movie who could turn into animals.”

The writing, fonts , illustrations that are hilarious and keep the reader engaged are similar to other Diary series by Jeff Kinney and the style and all incidents that may be relatable to most urban households bring you to smile as the pages are read.

Likewise Diary of a Wimpy kid, Getaway is on Greg’s family getting out of town on a holiday. They decide to escape to a tropical island resort for the much required relaxation from urban chaos. But the Heffley’s soon discover and encounter stomach troubles, sun poisoning and several factors that don’t build up for great memories. Greg has a funny side with his elder and younger brothers and parents who are people like us or someone we know, so lots of stories are there to be shared.

An excerpt from Getaway shared here ”
What was crazy about the shower was that it was completely open to the outdoors. It took a minute to get USED to that, because I was worried someone might peek over the wall.

I guess there are people who are comfortable being naked right out in the open, but, trust me, I’m not one of them.

I don’t think it’s right that you’re BORN naked, because right away you’re put in an embarrassing situation.”

Mums and Stories gives this series and particularly these two books of Diary of an Awesome Friendly kid, Ronald Jefferson’s journal and Diary of a Wimpy kid, Getaway five on five.

Go for it and enjoy the read.

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