August 13, 2020

The Cherry Tree Review by Ruskin Bond on Mums and Stories

We picked this book at a book store as it looked so inviting and we weren’t wrong.

This has been a delight to read. The Cherry Tree , written by noted author Ruskin Bond and illustrated beautifully by Manoj A Menon is on a story of a young boy named Rakesh and his conversations with his grandfather. The book is published by Puffin books

A curious child can be groomed well and grandpa encourages Rakesh to sow a seed, to have his own tree, a cherry tree.

Life in the hills are different and this gets reflected in the story.

The book scores on illustrations, feel of the book and the story can add to be a good read and addition for a young one’s library collection.

A small passage from the book- ‘ Grandfather was a retired forest ranger. He had a little cottage outside the town. Rakesh was on his way back home from school when he bought the cherries, and by the time he reached the cottage there were only three left. ‘Will you have a cherry Dada?’ he asked, as soon as he saw his grandfather in the garden. Grandfather took one cherry and Rakesh promoptly ate the other two.

The story is a simple one and this one can make for a good travel read or when one visits a hill station with a young one. This can be read easily by 7 year old onwards and the younger ones will love this as a bed time story too.

We at Mums and Stories give this book a five on five. We are looking forward to read more of Ruskin Bond published by Puffin books.

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