January 26, 2021

Photographs of the Toddler Fun Hour at the Little Gym Cunningham Road

It was one interesting evening with lots of giggles, noise, music, dance, laughter, movements, interesting expressions all rolled into one evening where parents and toddlers came to participate in the Toddler Fun Hour organised by Mums and Stories in association with The Little Gym.

So it began with stories narration , yes we were surprised to find young ones (from 8 months to 3 years) interested in stories, a few characters they could identify and understand it’s a story narrated for them.

Right after the story narration, it was time for lots of fun through physical activities which the Little Gym team refer it as the parent child class. This interaction was boisterous, a laughter riot and activities that ensured all kids had a good time.

Rolling to jumping to singing and interacting with parents, the session was fun to say the least. With beautiful scenarios of rainbows, umbrellas and a riot of colours to soft play activities and bubbles, the age group we hope did have a fun time.

We hope to bring more of these interesting parent kid sessions with interesting activities in the future too.

All photographs are subject to copyright.

If you want to collaborate with us for interesting parent child interactions for launch of a book or for bringing a new interesting experience for mums or kids, do reach us at mumsandstories@gmail.com



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