November 24, 2020

Priyanka Kapur says a fit mum is a happy mum. Do you agree?

Meet Priyanka Kapur a mum who chose fitness to be her new identity and is now inspiring several other mums to take those steps essential for healthy living.

Priyanka is also the founder of the group of Moms of Vadodara and here’s what this inspiring mum got to share with Mums and Stories, “When my daughter was born I left my job where I was heading a branch of an esteemed overseas education firm. First year of motherhood was a roller coaster ride. During my pregnancy I had reached 93 kgs from 56 kgs.

I also didn’t realize I had post natal depression and that can hit very hard. Though the happiness of being a mom had me on cloud nine but juggling with that extra weight, gradual health issues and depression took a toll on my overall health.

This is the time when your near ones too don’t understand that what’s exactly happening with you. When my daughter was nearly 2.5 years old, I understood it was high time that I now focus on my health before it’s too late. I gradually started with small sessions of aerobics and gymming. As my daughter grew up and started going to school, I took serious note on focusing on my workouts and exercising.  I could see a drastic change not only in my body and health but also in my attitude. Yes, physical fitness is a gateway to mental good health too. I saw a difference in my mood, the way I interacted with people, the way I took things, everything was coming back to normal.


I gradually got into solo running’s too, which proved to be an amazing escape route from all my anxiety issues. Gradually I fell in love with running and did my first quarter marathon in January, 2019. Ever since then I have been promoting running in fellow moms and am a regular runner.

After all these experiences I thought that there must be so many women out there who must be sailing in the same boat as me, and I thought of helping them out in some way. That is when I started blogging at Life On The Run where I share my experiences with a hope it helps someone out there. The blogs have got a great response from people.

All these years gave me an opportunity to explore what I loved doing. Fitness is my passion, and these years gave me an opportunity to explore it. Today, I run my own firm where I coach students for IELTS and helps in the process of applying abroad for studies.

An active person with regular work outs helps build endurance, stamina, flexibility and helps you stay happy.

In all this, with a motto to help moms, I started a Facebook group called Moms of Vadodara,  the motive of starting this group was to help the mothers in whatever way I can. The group focuses on helping moms of the city of their work front, pushing their business through networking events. With the cultural events I try to create some smiling happy moments for mothers where they thoroughly enjoy leaving all their worries aside. Moms of Vadodara also has lot of fitness activities where we have a runners group which goes together for runs on weekends. We also conduct activities and sessions on importance of mental health, dealing with children and much more.

I am happy to see that this small effort brought so many moms together and they are specially participating in all the fitness events and are coming out of their comfort zone to stay fit and healthy. It’s a family outside family for all of us.

Today I am a happy mom , a fitness enthusiast, a runner, a dance fitness trainer, an IELTS Coach and a you tuber. I hope in future I can work more and more to motivate women  to come forward in all fronts and work on staying fit.


(Life on the Run Priyanka Kapur with her daughter)

I have  one strong message to women, ‘ Live with positivity and a smile on your face, take out sometime for yourself and get into some fitness regime, A fit mom means a fit family.”

Priyanka has a few tips on how various forms of fitness can turn into fun. She also shares why it is important to be a happy mom.

  • Aerobics :- This is one of the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. Aerobics doesn’t only help lose weight but for sure releases the happy hormones, one hour of aerobics keeps your whole day fresh, energetic and active. Even if you don’t like dancing, am sure you would fall for it if you try it out.
  • Gym :- If you have more time, picking up an option of gym is amazing. Along with the cardio, strength training is equally important in order to tone up those loose muscles post delivery and nothing beats than opting for a gym for that reason.
  • Zumba :- Everyone now a days knows about zumba, gain some fitness along with the happiness. Go do Zumba!
  • Running :- This is something I started off lately and I am in love with it. Run according to your pace, your time and your favorite music. The more you run, the more fit you would be both mentally and physically.
  • Swimming:- Take out some time this summer, and go for swimming. It is going to do wonders to your body and mind.


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