April 11, 2021

Mums and Stories events go online

It was in March we soon realised like everyone else that our events where we would conduct story telling sessions, games, Mum meet ups and so on had to go into a different mould this year.

While we haven’t yet begun with story telling sessions yet, we did go digital with our content on have virtual sessions on cooking, discussing homeschooling and even a musical performance from a teen.

Here is Bency Koshy from A Pinch of Salt, A Pinch of Sugar, a food stylist, dessert consultant, chef, entrepreneur, mum who shared a very innovative Roasted Brussels Sprouts salad with our viewers in May 2020.

Here is the Facebook Live video of the online event.

Posted by Mums and stories on Saturday, 23 May 2020

We also had the cheerful Akila Subramaniam from Morphy and Me who is a food blogger, the literal dabba queen, travel lover, whipping out two lovely drinks- beverages -Rose and Coconut drink and Pumpkin Cucumber/Bottle Gourd cooler.

Check the video here

Posted by Mums and stories on Saturday, 13 June 2020

The Lockdown early this year ensured we had to think of so many things including how to engage children at home and the larger topic of whether 2020 would be the defining year of gap year, homeschooling or alternate schools

Supriya Narang from This Homeschooling Life is a homeschooling parent to her child and have interesting insights on what comes under the radar of homeschooling, how parents can go about it and whether we as parents should consider the child’s aptitude and attitude for learning before thinking of full time homeschooling.

The Live video also covered the myths of homeschooling, practical tips to make learning fun at home

One of the best Live videos we featured on Mums and Stories do check it here-

Apart from other Live videos and sessions we had including Women Beyond Homes with RIni Simon, Dental care for kids with Dr. Premila Naidu and a lovely cooking session from Darshana Nahata from Enerjuvate, we also recently in August have a musical performance by Saba Shah.

Saba is a young adult, who loves singing and playing her guitar. She came live on Faceboook and here is the video

Posted by Mums and stories on Friday, 21 August 2020

We intend to have more interesting sessions including author sessions, storytelling sessions from Mums and Stories and others. To be on Mums and Stories and to collaborate with us reach us at mumsandstories@gmail.com

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