September 19, 2021

N for Nourish Book review on Mums and Stories

It’s a continuous thread of conversation at home or whenever we go out for eating with the child at home, that we as adults never had so many eating options and hence we had less junk food.

There are numerous options for food now with world cuisines coming straight on to your plate, either it can be cooked at home or one can step out to have it in the restaurant.

However is all the constant intake of cuisines good for the body? How can adults make kids understand when they themselves are getting tempted by various options?

So here’s a book on food, nutrition and what are kids eating generally these days, in urban context. Written by Pooja Makhija, published by Puffin books.

Yes we do believe it’s important to have food conversations at home as kids need to understand what are healthy foods and why there is an immediate need to curb unnecessary indulgences or importance of home cooked food.
The book details on foods that have minerals, vitamins, essentials and why it is important to know on proportions and even factors like sleep or what is normal pee or poop like.

Uncomfortable questions and diagrams, yet essential for growing kids to know what is right for the body.

Questions that teenagers generally have regarding skin, hair, body types are addressed.


We found the book interesting and surely good enough to start food conversations at home, healthier options, why everyone particularly kids growing up regardless of their gender need to learn to cook, respect food and value what we have on our plate.

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