January 18, 2021

Sreesha Ravindran says the stillness and silence of mountains make her go for bigger treks

Meet Sreesha Ravindran, a mum and a passionate trekker who believes in living life outdoors in extreme climates apart from cozy indoors.

Originally from Palghat, Kerala this mum is currently residing in Bangalore.

Sreesha shares with Mums and Stories on why she loves trekking, “It all started when my dad took me first to Himalayas and we covered the great lakes of Kashmir and Goecha la trek. Initially I was not comfortable as it offers no luxury or comfort. Later I got addicted to the stillness of the environment and the gripping silence and solitude. Now I spend money on going to Himalayas than visiting different countries as this gives me more confidence and peace and I feel it’s worth every penny I spent or every muscle sprains I go through.

Sreesha Ravindran

I go solo, with group expeditions and sometimes with my son too. My family has complete faith in me and they are very proud whenever I complete any trek. Most of the people ask me what I do with my son, when I go on such treks. My parents, sister and husband take care of him when I am away. Also being a mother I am judged a lot in this conservative society, Many have passed comments like I am not a good mother or good wife and I am not giving time to my family. But I am determined and focussed on what I need and hence I never give any importance to all these comments and faith of my family in me has helped me to forward. Furthermore, my friends are of great support to me and also motivate me to do this. I have to say that I am blessed to have such family and friends.

I am also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and little bit of Kathak and western dance. I practise every day for at least 1.5 hours in the morning to be fit. Apart from this I am also a blogger and work as a Tax manager.

I have also done lot of road trips in the Himalayas during winters. I choose winters, because the crowds are minimal and the thrill of challenging weather does not give a tourist feel, but an explorer feel adds to the excitement .

Right now aiming at getting selected for the Arctic Polar expedition. I need votes for this and you can vote here- : https://polar.fjallraven.com/contestant/?id=8070

 After this I want to climb higher peaks and attempt more no of tough treks. I also want to be part of something that will empower woman and help people out of depression.

Trekking has reduced my thoughts. I am clearer about my vision, goals and what I need in life and what exactly makes me happy. It has also given me very good confidence. I am happy to say that I have also inspired lot of people not to shy away from anything they want to do in their life due to circumstances or any other challenges.

A few of the major treks that I have covered are Goechala, Great Lakes of Kashmir, Pin Parvati, Chadar Trek .

Trekking is expensive as there is no one to sponsor these activities. I have a created a Recurring Deposit account exclusively for this. I have also started living with minimal things and reduced my needs, which help me save lot of money as I do not want the monetary security of the family to be hampered because of this hobby.

To manage my schedules and daily routines, I either get up early or sleep late. Not even a day goes without working out and preparing myself, for dance program or trek. Soon I get to back normal house chores, office, back from office and again role of mother and as a home maker. I love doing what I do, and I have clarity on what I need in life.

Also every weekend I work on my blogs or scribble it somewhere and edit and publish it.”

Lastly Sreesha shares, “There is no age limit as such for doing anything. Just get on to it. But for strenuous things like mountaineering or dancing, if you have any kind of physical issues, please check with the doctor before getting on to it. Also do not waste time on judging others, comparing your life with others or wondering how superior you are or how inferior you are. Do what you want to do without thinking much and help others to achieve their dreams as well selflessly.”

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