February 26, 2021

Lego City 60222 Snow Groomer review on Mums and Stories


Receiving a lego through courier is something that the child awaits with enough excitement. It’s almost a feeling where nothing else can replace the waiting time and the moment it arrives it’s time for unwrapping in the quickest possible time.

So we received this product for a review and we must say we are not at all disappointed particularly once I actually saw the child trying variations in the set product. The last few weekends have been having additional holidays and this is one engaging toy for 6 to 13 year olds.

Lego City Snow Groomer is a toy that has 197 pieces, intended to build a vehicle that aids in clearing snow so that the ski individual toy can play along. The Lego City 60222 comes with a rotating snow cannon and these cannon pieces are slightly smaller in size, but the fun part is when they do shoot away from the cannon. There is concern of them getting lost so one has to be careful when assembling or using these pieces.

(Easy to follow instruction manual set according to kid’s understanding)

Perfect as a winter toy and even more great if kids can relate to snow seen in real life during vacations or even on television or if they have read in books.

So there is a driver and a skier figurine and assembling the snow groomer gives the real life association to vehicles and tools like the segmented tracks and even the plow blade. The toy comes with easy visual and instruction manual that it can be done quite comfortably.

The toy is far easier for 9 to 12 year olds and maybe 6-7 year olds will require some assistance or someone like the parent to help in assembling the toy.

(A miniature helicopter created from the toy).

What we loved even better is the options that can be made apart from the snow clearing vehicle. So we had the tractor and a helicopter created too with the same set of pieces.

(The child thinks of creating a tractor using one of his favorite Lego toys-60222)

Along with other Lego toys this makes for a great addition to the collection and also as wonderful gift.

Mums and Stories gives it 4.5 over 5.

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