February 26, 2021

Kayyu’s world is round by Lavanya Kapahi

Kayu’s world is truly filled with circles and a story that seems like a light read but an impactful one. It is for kids to learn to accept others with various abilities and that too at varying levels.

The story Kayu’s world is round is written by Lavanya Kapahi, illustrated realistically by Aditee Deore and for kids in younger age group of 4-7 years.

We received this book for a review and even the older child at home, reading it was intrigued by the story.

As mentioned earlier, Kayu loves circles and he sees circles in everything around him. Most of all, he’s intrigued by how his cycle wheels can go round and round, how an aunt’s bindi on the forehead is round, how the merry go round can go in circles and so on.

Inspired by a child with autism, this story has drawn inferences, though not directly referring to it anywhere in the story.

Published by Tulika, the book is a simple read aloud story that can bring in the message on all children need not be same and it’s perfectly fine with the world to have different people with different abilities.

A short excerpt

” But his favourite pastime was to sit by the pond.

He would throw in pebble after pebble and watch the ripples swirl gently outwards till they disappeared.

He was happiest when he was by himself. He didn’t like noise and crowds and people asking him questions.”

Mums and Stories gives it a 4.5 on 5

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