September 25, 2020

A silly story of Bondapalli

It was a Saturday afternoon and me and my son who is six years had booked our tickets at the theater space, Rangashankara to watch a Hindi-English play. As a keen theater enthusiast I love watching various plays and get impressed by a few. Yet it doesn’t diminish my enthusiasm to look forward for the next play that I can attend according to my convenience.

I also make a point to take my child to plays that are appropriate for his age largely because he too likes them. So when the play was about to begin, my son gave me a wide smile when the third bell rang, excited on the play to begin on stage. There was an array of interesting props that one associates in the kitchen. And then came the king whom I felt was quite interesting in his body language, voice and outfit too.

The story was on the kingdom and the kind who loved food, food and more food and had a daughter who hated food. So the task of the chefs at the royal kitchen was to cook something that she would love. After enough trail and error she loved a new dish called the ‘bonda’.

Honestly, my child along with others who were watching the play thoroughly enjoyed. But as an adult I found the play a little lengthy and had hoped the princess could have worn outfits that looked like her role than regular wear.

Also the consistent reference to hash tag, Facebook, twitter or selfies  was according to me little out of context as I assumed many children who are five and seven will not really grasp what’s spoken in the play using these terms.

Yet my child was super excited and was even more glad of a pleasant gesture by the team of serving a hot ‘bonda’ to every child in the auditorium.

Next time too we will look forward to more productions from this team. It doesn’t really matter how much entertained I was as an adult in a child’s play. Children all around me (except for a few who were getting restless) in the theater space were cheering for the Bondapalli team.

By Reshma Krishnamurthy

Founder- Mums and stories


Picture credit- Gillo team

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