January 17, 2021

Camp Splendour –A hidden gem adjoining Thirumoorthy dam in Tamil Nadu

An overnight bus journey on KMS travels took us comfortably to our destination- a space we had admired in pictures and seeing a few videos and we were quite enthusiastic of being on a short holiday at a scenic location.

We reached Udumalpet  by 5.30 am and Camp Splendour  camp is at a distance of around 20 kms from the bus stop. You can either choose to drive by your own car or hop on to a bus ride to reach Udumalpet.

The early morning chill was pleasant to enjoy my cup of tea with pleasant interruption of consistent chirping of birds in the background. I kept stealing glances amidst conversations with the hosts towards the woods and waters.

(Early morning view of the mountains at Camp Splendour)

After walking a few meters, I could see the majestic mountains with waters at its foothills. The magical scenery does look stunning and keeps you spellbound as long you decide to spend your time staring the mountains and the still waters. Let me warn you that this could take long enough as you are going to be lost in thoughts seeing mountains that look too huge and you might get overwhelmed by them like I did while I spent my time there. It’s of course magnificent to say the least.

It’s a range of mountains covering almost three sides and on one side there’s the dam structure adorning the landscape.

Given its amazing scenic beauty, it’s no surprise this location is used by film crews and other film makers.

Camp Splendour is adjoining the Thirumoorthy dam with its waters providing the perfect location for enjoying the nature and playing adventure sports too.

It’s a hidden gem as there’s silence and stillness in abundance. The shrill voice of the peacocks distracted me when I was lost gazing at the landscape. Bird lovers are going to love this space as it does have many varieties of birds visiting the waters and the forests.

So, we headed for a morning trek and it was a great feeling to see the mountains from different heights. Later, in the day I tried a few rope activities while trying to be friendly with the pet dogs nestled comfortably in the camp. I also managed to go to theThirumoorthy temple which is close by and even go for a trek in the Chinnar forest reserve.

Coming to the camp, there is a rustic element of woods that gives the ambience a varied look, play accessories and space to play sports and games like badminton, basketball, trampoline and even climb the trees. Kids are going to love the space as it is largely open space and close proximity to still waters.

The camp can accommodate large groups where it has dormitories like huge rooms and camping tents and even a few smaller rooms for families. But these are very cozy and all the rooms are tastefully done.

From my room, I could see a huge mountain as the backdrop with a road leading to the Thirumoorthy temple which is among the Animalai forest reserve.

The couple running the camp are veterans from the defence background and are well trained professionals with a team to run the show. The camp is good for those who will prefer a bit of solitude in their lives and even those who want to explore activities like kayaking and jet skiing.

My rendezvous with kayaking was truly memorable as I realized midway in the waters the gorgeous mountains as though they were inviting me to stay there for a long time. These green patched mountains that are part of the forest reserves look untouched and thus are spectacular.

Another reason why Mums and Stories would definitely recommend Camp Splendour is the amazing hospitality by the hosts. There are certain restrictions in terms of food like it’s not really a hotel menu, yet the menu is good enough for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The food is sometimes cooked at  the camp or outsourced from a home nearby.

Also, the camp has to its advantage of not only the scenic location but huge spaces nearby in the woods and for treks and enough space for leisure walks by the waters.

(A scene from a trek we headed in Chinnar Wild reserve)

As mentioned earlier, the views looks no less than a glossy magazine cover page and the additional plus point is that it can be covered in a day or more while making Camp Splendour your stop or additional one covering even Munnar or Kodaikanal. Camp Splendour is just three hours away from Kodaikanal and Munnar. It is also very close to the city of Coimbatore.

Mums and Stories gives the destination 4.5 on 5 and for more details you can visit https://www.campsplendour.com/ or reach at  +91 9363145544 -E-mail: campsplendourworkshop@gmail.com

(Reshma Krishnamurthy from Mums and Stories travelled to Camp Splendour in February 2020).

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