April 11, 2021

Changing boards in higher classes shouldn’t matter says Pavithra Prasad

With exams lurking around the corner and studying becoming part of everyday life for many children in the country, here’s a story that can make you consider some decisions if required.

Pavithra Prasad is a teacher, a lawyer who chose teaching and someone who has been brave to own up a decision she took for her child.

From an ICSE board, Pavithra considered moving to state syllabus as it seemed to be a difficult task to cope up and stress levels were going unnecessarily high.

Pavithra says, ” It’s been three years and am glad I didn’t back out. My child is happy and having time to even pursue his hobbies. When as an individual you don’t find much difference in your twelfth boards except that ICSE kids cope faster initially, it’s better to choose educational stream that helps you to grow not be burdened.”

Pavithra shares with Mums and Stories, ” Of course, I had so many who questioned my decision, asking how as an educated mom I wanted to step back. These are self created cocoons and one needs to get out of it. Education has become among other factors a status symbol. “

Pavithra reiterates, in case as a parent you find your child going slow or unable to cope up, give up on peer pressure and consider moving to a board that suits him or her better. She does mention present generation kids deserve to live life, live childhood like how we did.

Mums and Stories applauds this mum’s decision and even is unafraid of any judgements to talk about it. Wishing the young boy the very best for his boards this year.

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