January 18, 2021

Young Pandavas from Hachette India are a great read for kids

Published by Hachette India and written by Anupam Arunachalam, the books are part of a series. We actually read the second part (which can be independently read as a story), Young Pandavas –The School for Warriors. The first one is Young Pandavas- The city of Elephants.

Targeted at kids who have some interest in mythology and know little on the Pandavas, this can be surely a fun reading. It goes in details how Pandavas came to Hastinapur leaving the basic almost hermit life they were living to the world of luxury and comfort. But this also meant there were dangers all around and they had to watch out for their cousins Kauravas tactics that were not really appreciated.

Narrated as though it is Sahadev, one of the twins among the Pandavas, Young Pandavas goes into detail and also makes it relatable to kids.

The emotions of learning, playing, fighting or arguing are all part of every one’s childhood and the Princes are no different.

The story in each of these books goes in chapters and almost runs like episodes on the television. They are as mentioned quite detailed and more illustrations would have added more flavor. Nevertheless the narration is indeed very interesting making it a fun enjoyable read.  Bhim bhaiya as narrated by Sahadev is forever hungry, quite angry and his attitude and actions make for quite a lot of imagination. Yudhishthir bhaiya is always righteous and questions anything even if it is privilege.

 In the second story of School for Warriors, there are stories of Ekalavya, Guru Dronacharya teaching the Pandavas and Kauravas and how the kids take it individually. While each has their strength, it is Nakul and especially the narrator Sahadev, you do relate as he is a normal child who is suddenly getting used to the Prince title and he isn’t as skilled as others. The emotions, experiences are very relatable and adds the required humour.

We liked the Book 2 School for Warriors better than THe City of Elephants and look forward to the third in the series- The Royal Tournament.

Here’s a short excerpt

But what I need to tell you is that..well..someone’s trying to kill you all”

We stared at him, our eyes practically jumping out of our skulls.

‘Last night, one of our food tasters nearly died. We had to pump her stomach and give her thirteen antidotes to save her life.’

We have food taster?’ asked Yudhisthir Bhaiya.

‘Yes, Two-women each. They taste all your food before it is brought to you, to make sure that none of it is poisoned.

‘Aha!’ said Bhim Bhaiya, slapping his thigh. ‘I knew someone had been eating my food! There’s always less on the plate than there could be.”

Mums and Stories gives it 4 on 5 and recommends it for 10-14 year olds.

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