January 15, 2021

Pushpa Shetty in Germany says India needs to take lockdown seriously

Pushpa Shetty, currently residing in Germany has this important message for all moms across India.

Pushpa who is currently on lockdown in her city shares, the pandemic has emerged to be a mammoth disaster that is just growing with the number of infected cases. She and her family has been in complete lockdown since the last ten days.

Pushpa shares with Mums and Stories, ” People over here didn’t take it seriously two weeks ago and even though the government had given sufficient advice, warnings, largely people presumed they won’t be affected. India has probably that opportunity and I want to say this to everyone that please consider this as a serious phase and listen to the strict measures adopted by the government for your own safety.”

When asked on how is she managing with her 3.5 year old kid completely indoors, she shares, ” We do play lots of games together and he is also helping in household chores, however minute it may be for him. I am also trying to teach him a few things that can be otherwise learnt at school.

It is a scary and anxious times for everyone here and we must face it. Likewise I want to say that India needs to take care with the help of its citizens. So please do co-operate.

Here in Germany, a lot of senior population live so to help them and others throughout the week, groceries and pharmacy is open but the numbers are increasing which is alarming and depressing too.

I hope we get through this somehow and back home in India, my parents and others are asking me to come back but it is impossible now. We are so concerned and taking it so seriously that we aren’t meeting anyone, anyone from the apartment too is not met and we are all connecting digitally through skype calls, whatsapp and other mediums. Stay home and Stay safe India.”

Here is a video Pushpa has made for her message to be shared (in Kannada).

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