January 18, 2021

Jungle Radio The Bird Songs of India Review

It’s holidays, considering its actually summer holidays for many schools and kids were expected to be at home and 2020 has been an unusual one at that with a pandemic crises too.

The one good thing that has emerged due to this lockdown is the sheer number of birds that are being increasingly sighted, spotted and heard. For us here in Bangalore, in the neighbourhood we live, we are listening to constant chirping of birds and we thought of recommending a great book. This one was actually published last year and it’s a great visual storytelling book.

Written by Devangana Dash and beautifully illustrated too, The Jungle Radio is published by Penguin books. It’s like a story flowing just like a song.

So this book is for a bird lover and those who have interest in arts. It it is attractive in visuals, captivating illustrations with different bird sounds to bird types commonly found in India are listed.

However the birds featured are those rare ones you may be lucky enough to recognise at bird sanctuaries, your coveted bird walks in forests or in select patches of the country. This time if you are even luckier maybe you can spot it in your city too.

The story goes like, Gul, a young girl listens to her radio in an open space, probably in a garden and she imagines interesting bird sounds from parakeets, woodpecker, tailor bird, kingfisher, koel and so many more. Each illustration is featured along with the bird sound and makes for an interesting visual storytelling.

A few bird sanctuaries from India are listed and probably your next holiday should be to one of these sanctuaries.

What we loved is of course the illustrations, but also tips on what you should be doing on your next birding adventure. This could be at the end of many months ahead, post lockdown or even from your balcony or terrace where you may be lucky to spot birds. It’s high time we give importance to other creatures in the world and let them live too peacefully.

Also what the kid at home tried was attempting to draw these beautiful birds which is very well detailed and illustrated.

Mums and Stories gives the book 5 on 5 and do consider owning a copy or reading it in a library or gifting it to your little one who might turn out to be a bird watcher enthusiast.

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