April 11, 2021

Brinda Prasad says cherish the abundant family time you are getting during this lockdown

Mums and Stories has been bringing out stories that are interesting and many of them relatable to what most moms are going through this lockdown.

Many of these moms are talking on this unusual phase of life that will be remembered by generations in history. It’s a global pandemic and one can relate to these stories.

Sharing her story is Dr. Brinda Prasad, a consultant in a pharmaceutical company in Germany. As a working mom she shares with Mums and Stories her opinion on managing this phase with toddlers. What has worked for her until now and why we need to cherish the blessings too.

Dr. Brinda shares, “ A Friday evening at work when a friend of mine messaged me that I am not allowed to send my toddler  to his private daycare for 5 weeks. I was thunderstruck and felt my mind was staggering. Will my kid stay home for five whole weeks? Then how should we, or other working parents concentrate on their activities?

I couldn’t imagine my weekend then will be spent in hours together with discussions on phone, Whatsapp and emails. Stress, panic, trauma reached high peaks when I went to work on Monday leaving my active toddler at home with his father. Later, we were REQUESTED to work from home, attend webex meetings from home and be available round the clock on phone and emails for any situation. My thoughts then: should we be really afraid of a VIRUS?

 I could have or many like me could have hardly imagined that we should be staying home, pile up groceries, go for walks only with Government’s permission! No one could ever predict that we will run out of toilet rolls for more than a month or we get a warning saying that kids are no longer allowed in supermarkets. Work from home once in a while is a luxury but work from home – daily? With a toddler at home? My heart sank every single morning of thoughts how my day would go, how my toddler would understand that he can’t go to meet his friends. The initial days were stressful with my warnings to my toddler: too many don’t do’s… frustration at its core, end result zero.

I then worked out a cumulative mechanism. Can I work together with my toddler? Then I created an indoor atmosphere with activities wherein he uses some creativity. I bought some packaging boxes from amazon and segregated his toys, puzzles etc. I created a plan for him and he was occupied. We went for cycling together in the evenings and he was happy at the end of the day .

(Many kids like Dr. Brinda’s are indoors and will have a different memory of this time).

This current situation is new and unpredicted. The terms “social distancing “ is new to many. Not many could imagine that a virus could shatter the economy. But what many are not realizing is the family time we all are having at homes.

Having said that I must mention that I do miss the office atmosphere, interaction with colleagues in the company. Also Webex meetings are cumbersome sometimes. But I have begun to cherish the interaction with my son and admire his innocence at this situation. I’m happy that we all are healthy, able to have family time, eat 3 meals together. This doesn’t happen all days.

(Pictures courtesy-Dr. Brinda Prasad)

This situation may not occur again. I remember asking my late grandfather how the days were when The British ruled us. I will remember every single day of this “corona crisis”. We have experiences to share, talk about and educate our children. I am trying to catch up with cousins and many of my old friends to enquire about their well-beings. The situation will change one day but how will we react to the crisis? Experience teaches good and bad. Let’s see a ray of hope. Take breaks for family time. Stay home. Stay safe.”

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