January 22, 2021

Miracle at Happy Bazaar by Ruskin Bond

We were thrilled on seeing the book that had come to us for a review.

A few authors bring that smile when they announce a new book. Ruskin Bond, a familiar name with kids in India ensures his stories always bring that chuckle, wit, humour and appreciating simple lives, simple joys in life.

Ruskin Bond’s book Miracle at Happy Bazaar , a treasure of stories, published by Aleph Book Company is for young readers in the age group of 9-13 years.

While a few are added from earlier independent books like The Cherry Tree, The Blue Umbrella ( also in the format of fiction movie for kids) there are new stories too added in this collection.

Stories like Chocolates At Midnight or Crossing the Road, The Fight bring that much required laugh in kids while reading it and a few others make you wonder in amazement of how sensitive his stories can get and have that feeling enabled in young readers too.

There are hardly any illustrations and it’s not required. Also the book is worthy of the investment as it brings a treasure of stories, perfect for weekend readings.

A short excerpt from one of the stories that the kid at home has read several times.

One of the great pleasures of life is the afternoon siesta. In Mexico and other Latin American countries it has been perfected to a fine art. In Mexico and other Latin American countries it has been perfected to a fine art. In warm countries like ours it is almost a necessity, especially for a farmer toiling in his fields from daybreak to noon. An afternoon nap under a peepul tree or in the shade of a mighty banyan does wonders for body and soul.

I take my siesta on the same bed that I sleep upon at midnight;but if I am travelling I have no difficulty in taking a nap on a plane or in a bus or in a railway waiting room, although I must admit that it’s been many years since I travelled by a train. Under a tree sounds romantic, but the last time I tried sleeping under a friendly horse chestnut I was woken by chestnuts falling on my head.

Bed is best, especially on a cold winter’s day in the hills. And, at night, a hot water bottle helps.

Given a warm bed, I sleep like a baby. But like a baby I am inclined to wake up at midnight or at one in the morning, feeling to rather hungry. And for this purpose I keep a bar of chocolate on my bedside table.

There’s nothing like a chunk of chocolate in the middle of the night. It helps me feel that all’s alright with the world, and I fall asleep again to dream of cricket bats made of chocolate and rainbows made of sugar candy. You must try it sometime, those of you who find difficulty in sleeping.

Mums and Stories gives it a 5 on 5.

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