October 4, 2022

Must-Reads from HarperCollins Children’s Books this March

Amidst online exams, discussions on how the school will re-open next year, there are some moments you want to cherish. For the child at home, it’s the reading hour alloted and this time we have had three books straight from HarperCollins that have come for a review and all three are for 5-9 year olds and are definitely in the recommendation category.

Since the time the pandemic has hit our lives, travel loving families are embracing country travel.

Luckily, as a country we have the oceans, snow clad mountains, historical monuments, desert, valleys, misty weather hill stations and more.

The book A Z of Indian cities, Ahmedabad to Zunheboto is a fun book that lists down one city of the country from each alphabet and talks of the speciality of the place in a fun one page information chart.

The book also gives space for kids to pen their adventure log of the recent trips they visited and other additional activities to be done in the book.

It’s a value addition if you as a family love travelling and also want to know more on the amazing cities and its culture.

The book is written by Rati Malaiya, illustrations are by Bechain Nagri Studios and are colourful, captivating and apt.

Our second book would be for Sudha Murty’s sequel to the Gopi Diaries -Finding Love. What the book does manage to achieve is that it makes readers get a glimpse of Sudha Murty’s life, her daily routine and it seems truly believable.

Narrated in the perspective of the voice of Gopi, the pet dog, a lovely golden retriever who indeed lives in Sudha Murty’s house, the narration goes on to give a glance of an innocent and simplistic, yet enjoyable life of Gopi in the world.

Illustrations are by Sandhyaprabhat and they are good. The book by the feel is like a board book and this was a book we took along when we went for a vacation.

It’s a simple story, more so catching on to incidents and instances in Gopi’s life and it is for young readers who have pets at home or those planning to get one. Yet even though we are not having pets, the story strikes a chord for its simplistic writing and fun imagination.

Lastly our recommendation would be for The Germ Academy by Rea Malhotra Mukhtyar and Shahena Zaveri, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books.

The Germ Academy comes at such an apt time, lest we forget Covid has vanished from our world.

Its a fun book where you talk of germs, soaps, hand hygiene and so many things that began with a whirlwind of conversations since 2020. The book is quite an interesting read for 5 to 9 year olds.

What of course makes the book more captivating is the paper quality, choice of colours, big bright illustrations and even font size that make the point or message stand out.

Covie thinks he’s too smart but there’s the Soap squad who don’t believe in giving up easily. What happens when they collide?

We loved the book and do recommend it for young readers.

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