October 4, 2022

Hook Books bring in delight for young readers

Hook book are a treat for young readers who are just about to learning reading. The stories are simple, the paper quality is good and it feels good to hold the storybook. The illustrations are interesting and enticing enough for the young reader to go ahead with the story.

Boy Bear by Adithi Rao, Illustrations by Aaryama Somayaji and are published by Penguin. The story begins on a pensive note where we are introduced to a boy, his Baba (father) and a Bear who live together. Baba is a ‘Madari’ who makes the bear dance or so it appears for the viewers who watch him on the streets and give money.

Now after a few days, it’s only the Bear and the Boy who have to carry on with life. Though there is an underlying sadness note, the story gives hope on how the boy can be like other normal children, going to school and the Bear being rescued by the wildlife team.

Boy Bear is great for 6-9 year olds. The younger kids also will love it with a bit of handholding reading, looking at pictures or a narration.

The other story in this series is a storybook titled Shoo Crow! This is  written by Kavitha Punniyamurthi, illustrations by Priya Kuriyan. Velu and Aki, two young boys in Rajipuram have the task of safeguarding their farm from pesky crows who are there to eat the corn. The scarecrow which is on the field doesn’t scare the crows anymore and the boys have to think of ways to shoo them away. However the arrival of Pichu Mama changes everything for the boys and the family. Pichu Mama’s love for music meant the crows disappear for good. How does that happen? You need to read the story to discover more.

This book too makes for a good read for 6-9 year olds.

(Mums and Stories has reviewed two books from the Hook Book series. There are more in this series for young readers to explore and enjoy.)

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