February 28, 2021

The History of India for Children on Mums and Stories


The History of India, by Archana Garodia Gupta and Shruti Garodia is a good resource for those who have a curious mind for history.

Published by Hachette India the book is a must-have for teens and adults and even travel lovers.

History can get boring but thankfully, this one refrains from going into too much details and gives an insight into each period like the Vedic period, The Epics, the Persians and the Greeks, the Mauryan Dynasty, The Gupta period, Delhi Sultanate, Vijayanagar empire to name a few.

Did you know the Mahabharata with over one lakh verses is the longest poem in the world.

Fun facts are listed like the first Indian restaurant abroad was run by a woman in ancient Babylon in fifth century BCE.

There is a separate section of explore more as suggested activities to be done at the end of each chapter like visit the caves in Mumbai to get a glimpse of the beautiful Gupta sculptures or Find out what Persian and Greek historians wrote about India.

This is Volume one and we definitely loved it and it does take a lot of patience and understanding to get into the past and grapple with what our country, our culture, our languages, our clothing and our religious perspectives has been through over thousands of years.

Catch our video review on the book here

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