October 4, 2022

Life in India- Pooneh Tahami

This is a post by a mum who has lived large part of her life in Iran and now Pooneh Tahami is based in India with her family.

She says, “Motherhood is just such a wonderful feeling. I remember when I was a young girl, once I asked my mom why she always eats after she has given me and my siblings.

She would just answer “You’ll know when you’ll be a mom yourself”

And she was so right, the very first time I held my daughter in my arms I felt like just loving her and protecting her. She most definitely became my whole world. Now I understand all those things what my mom did for us.

I feel the pain when she is in pain for any reason and must admit that I am at peace when she is happy.

Today I am a proud mother of two one daughter and a son. When someone asks me which one do you love the most I always feel it’s as if someone asks you do you love your right hand or the left hand. I love both of them equally and I do everything I can to see a smile on their faces. They make me complete and I always feel the word mother is world’s most meaningful word”.


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