September 22, 2020

Geetha Chopra and her triplets

She made headlines in the city’s dailies when she delivered three children at the same time.

Triplets born to Geetha and Vishnu Chopra in 2010 in Bangalore, made sure they got into the limelight. After six years of marriage and numerous treatments they opted for IVF and were soon informed of the triplets coming in their life.

Right from a difficult pregnancy to the journey of having triplets to the present scenario when the kids are now aged over 5 and half years, Geetha Chopra shares with Mums and stories her journey into motherhood.

To memorize certain special moments of their lives, the couple have framed the extensive media coverage of welcoming the three girls and is proudly adorned on their home walls.

As different as they can be Diti, Sonali and Sejal are ensuring that they make their mum feel she is raising three different personalities.

“Handling three kids at home who are in the same age bracket can get taxing many times.” laughs Geetha Chopra.

“They are spaced between a couple of seconds. And I know right from their features to attitude and preferences, me and my husband Vishnu Chopra are raising three different children.

Even with a help around, I still sometimes wonder when all this will be better but now I realize gradually that each year added is just going to change the challenges and yes I am game for it.

People even now comment or gasp when they see three of them tagging along with me. But I am used to this situation. Many of the mums who have twins come to me and express that it must be a great feat to handle three at home.

Indian society still has to open up on adopting and expressing clearly on conception. Most want to keep it in hushed tones. But I have been right from the beginning fine with it and proud to be a mum of three.

I have a very supportive husband who helps me a lot in taking care of my daughters. Its’ always play time at home, always noisy and always full of life. That’s us.

Being particular on food choices for the kids to raise them in an environment that doesn’t over pamper them, we have our own challenges. I haven’t met until now who has had triplets and yes wish to interact with such mums too.

I have one daughter who loves to accompany me on my shopping visits, the other in enjoying and relishing food and the third in taking care of my home.

They are too young right now to realize they are special in the sense, they are three sisters born together and are living and growing together. Hoping as the years pass, the ride becomes fun than bumpier.

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