July 10, 2020

Sonali Bendre on parenting at her book launch

Sonali Bendre Behl is a known personality and now she has stepped into the shoes of being an author of a book that chronicles her journey into motherhood.

Mums and stories got an opportunity to interact with this lively actress, television personality, mum and author at the launch of her book “The Modern Gurukul, My experiments with Parenting.’ in Bangalore over the weekend.

“We cannot think that the school will offer everything in terms of teaching. It is of importance that parents too take the lead in teaching the right values to the child. So I have always believed that our cultural ethos, the system of having Gurukul in ancient times all had a lot of significance in building up the identity of people.

As a mum, I did feel like going back to the roots and understanding the values. Parenting is so important as it is the role of two people in a child’s life. And I completely believe that this role needs the support of fathers too who can help in disciplining the child along with a lot more influence on many aspects. Somehow I have always felt and prayed that I do not want a perfect child but yes, I do want a compassionate child.

The best thing about being a mum is the amount of hugs and the happiness it gives me which cannot be measured. I have been really weary of social media but now I am learning a lot from my 10-year-old son Ranveer. It’s a bond that we share where he knows that I am willing to learn, explore the medium and use it for something good.
On the point of managing life and work, I would say as much as life is about choices, it’s also about priorities. So I think one should work around priorities and on its own what’s important to you will fall in place.

Writing a book has been exhaustive but it has been wonderful too. I think even my son has been happy about this role of mine as an author. I never really planned to write this book but I guess I am glad I did.”

When asked if a mum of a single child can write on parenting in a book for other mums to read, she says, “This book is more of my journey like how I feel every child’s journey is different. But when friends who are mums when we meet it’s like we are discussing common issues on parenting regardless of having a single child or more.”

Sonali Bendre mentions that being an actress, personality on television author, each of the roles has been dear to her but she doesn’t know what would be her next role. Clearly this mum is enjoying the phase of being a writer and completely in love with motherhood.

The launch event was jam packed with mothers, children, and toddlers who were screaming for attention. Yet Sonali Bendre was calm and readily posed for selfies and autographs for her fans.

Mums and stories wishes the beautiful and charming Sonali Bendre all the best for her future endeavors. It was beautiful to interact with this lovely mum and cheer her for her book.

Picture of Sonali Bendre Behl at the Launch- Mums and stories

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