February 28, 2021

Manjul Gupta – Entrepreneur mum

Mums and stories is happy to share this amazing entrepreneurial journey of a mum and her children joining in her professional journey in creating a popular and luxury spa and salon chain brand in Bangalore.

Beauty with Brains, that’s what you feel when you meet up with Manjul and Swati Gupta from Bodycraft.

Manjul Gupta says, “I have two children, a son Sahil, who is older and my daughter Swati. I initially started working from my residence itself mainly to focus on kids and make sure they don’t feel neglected. Today the children are grown up and are with me in managing the venture.

Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband and in terms of balancing between work and family, together we managed to cope well. Bodycraft as a brand is now about 16 years old. We have a total of 8 branches all of which are in Bangalore.

Both Sahil and Swati are involved in the business and I couldn’t have asked for more. With the present scale of business we need as many hands as possible and nothing like it being a family oriented venture. The ideas and new concepts they bring to the business and of course the support are the best aspects of having my children as a part of the business.

We have travelled a lot as family but Swati and me specially have travelled a lot on work. It’s been so much fun and so comfortable. Our true bond more as friends than just mother daughter has built over these trips. We confide and support each other through everything in life and it’s a blessing.”

Talking on her plans for Bodycraft, she shares, “My immediate plan is to focus on the academy that we have started. I want to create the right platform for education and make people realize that this is a great vocation to get into. With the right attitude, skill and passion this will be a great career to pursue.

It’s amazing to see mothers and even grandmothers these days getting extremely conscious about how they look. It’s great to see this change and I am happy with the way society is evolving, because grooming and taking care of yourself goes a long way in making a person feel good about themselves.

But on a note to all the mums out there, I would like to say that invest time in themselves. I have seen a lot of women get so absorbed in taking care of everyone and trying to balance personal and professional life they often neglect themselves. It’s not just about looking beautiful, it helps one relax and feel beautiful.

Secondly, there are some treatments which are done only by experiences professionals. It’s best to seek expert advice and have skilled people attend to your needs. Avoid compromising just to save a little and don’t get carried away by the various fads that keep coming up. Lastly, any beauty treatments are purely external, a lot of how you look is how you feel.

Feeling happy, content and being at peace will go a long way. Invest time in yourself and ensure you give yourself priority too.”

Mums and stories wishes Manjul and her children happiness and hoping they will be able to create many more ‘happiness moments’ and memories for others in what they do

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