February 28, 2021

Sindhu Sharath on her mum

Sindhu Sharath shares with Mums and stories, her sweet memories of growing up with four siblings and on her mum, Ms. Umadevi, who has been her idol all along in her life.

“I am the second child out of five daughters. It was always a funny situation as people most often raised their eyebrows when they heard of five children in one family. Perhaps, my mum wished for a son. But I guess due to family pressures and society we were growing up, maybe my parents in those times wished for a son. However I must say she never discriminated or took less care of all of us.

During my school days, I remember, she would spend her mornings making breakfast for all of us single handedly. Rotis were being rolled every morning for all five of us and for our lunch boxes and for herself and the house help too. I sometimes feel dizzy when I think of the amount of food that was prepared for all of us.

She would diligently plait our long hair too. She insisted on all of us having lengthy hair. By the time she finished her morning chores it would be afternoon and no longer the morning hours.

Then all of us would come together from school and again her time would go in taking care of us. Evening snack, getting our homework’s done, dinner to-be-made ready and by the time she really went to bed it would be midnight.

Then after our educational years, one by one we came to the marriageable age. It was quite a phase of meeting potential grooms and families. All of us as daughters were very particular of the husband we wanted in our life and this phase saw my mum meeting many people and successfully managed to get us married to the partners we wanted. My last sister is however yet to be married.

After a few years, began the phase of babies and motherhood for each one of us. As per the south Indian customs and traditions, the mother of the new mum has to take care of the child and new mother and so continued pregnancy care, postnatal care, family functions to announce the arrival of the baby in the house and so on.

Even now there are times when we drop our kids at our mom’s place when we need to go on short outings, movies and sometimes foreign tours. She keeps saying she loves to take care of her grand children and that is evident in her words and gestures shown towards them.

Her health ailments have increased over the years and obviously our way of being dependent on her has reduced but she is an exception and my idol.

When all sisters get together at her place during kid’s vacations she says, in telugu
“Mee indallo chesedi inninde ikkada vachhinappadu araaam ga undandi” which translates to saying for all of you there is no escape from work in your homes but when you come here you can enjoy your leisure.

Mom, I don’t know how can you even say that? My mom has literally dedicated her whole life for us. l can just go on and more about my super mom. I am sure none of us can even match up to her.

l just want to say one thing mom, we love you lots than we can express and I salute you.”

Seen in the picture the proud daughters, Bindu, Sindhu, Indu, Reshma and Varsha.

Is it time for you to say awww. Or say stay blessed.

Mums and stories wishes to say both to Sindhu and her mum

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