April 11, 2021

Rohini Murthy on life, motherhood and her mum

Rohini Murthy, a content writer and a lovely mum shares with Mums and stories her journey of childhood memories in old Bangalore and being a mum to two adorable kids, Anvita and Aniruddha.
“My childhood was spent in Bangalore and Mysore. Spending every summer holidays in my grand mom’s house in Gandhi bazar is a memory that enlivens me even to this day. I am so thankful that technology became an integral part of our lives a couple of years back and not in the 80’s when I was growing up.

My childhood was probably like any other kid who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s. Our days used to be spent outside the house playing a lots of games like marra koti aatta, lagoori, goli(marbles), I spies to name a few..

One childhood memory which stands out is the time when we cousins decided to go to bugle rock and play there all by ourselves. Bugle rock is familiar to those who live or have grown up here in Bangalore.

It’s a beautiful garden with some huge boulders/rocks. So on this visit, we cousins found a boulder which roughly resembled a slide though its size was massive as compared to a slide which you may see in the park. Our adventure spirit took the better of us and we started sliding one after the other. Unlike the man-made slide, this rock was coarse with an uneven surface. It’s a miracle that we reached the bottom of this ‘slide’ in one piece.

My recent visit to bugle rock brought back all these memories. When I narrated this incident to my daughter, she said, “Amma you were really brave to have come sliding from this height!”

My mom, K.S.Ratna was earlier working in State bank of Mysore, but she was able to strike a perfect balance between her professional and family life. My sister and I used to fight a lot for the silliest and mundane things but today we are the best of friends. Growing up with a sibling instils a lot of good traits in us for instance – sharing, caring and being the elder one a sense of responsibility too.

My mom even today has remained to be an epitome of patience and positivity. Always helpful and caring, she has never spoken anything malicious about anyone. Though her job as a banker was demanding, she never complained and went about doing her chores with a cheerful face. Even to this day, she refrains from talking about anyone or indulging in mindless gossip. Being a voracious reader, novels and Kannada magazines are her favourite companion.

There was no restriction whatsoever from my parents when I choose arts as my subject after 10th standard. The popular choice which remains to this day is medicine/engineering but I chose journalism at my graduation level and did masters in mass communication.

Though arts is viewed as a subject for losers, my parents never once expressed their dislike towards my choice of career. Their kind hearted spirit and understanding nature remains intact to this day. They let me marry a person of my choice as they felt that I was mature enough to take my own decisions.

Parenting in earlier times I feel was less stress free as compared to this age. The age of innocence is how I can term the earlier times. Back then, kids were not exposed to the evils of the society at a vulnerable age. They remained as kids for a longer duration of time unlike the kids of today whom I think grow up too fast or too soon.

Their mental age often does not match with their chronological age which implies that their innocence disappears much faster than kids of the bygone era. Stress was not an integral part of our parent’s life unlike today. Though our parents did not have disposable income, we were satisfied and happy with whatever we had.

Today, we see a cut throat competition as far as academics is concerned and this causes immense tension and stress in parents and children alike. Our standard of living may have improved by leaps and bounds as compared to the earlier times but a sense of contentment and peace has disappeared from our lives.

Being a mum doesn’t necessarily make one compassionate to others. I have a few friends who are slightly younger than me but have remained single. They are compassionate and understanding too. Being married or becoming a mom is incidental.

Your traits or character takes shape and evolves over the years and through experience. Tiring times or difficult situations can make you stronger and more positive but few of us may become bitter and negative. It depends on an individual’s perspective on what he learns/loses from life’s experiences.”

On her stint in working as a writer among other careers, she says, “I have spent over 10 years working as a PR professional in leading PR agencies across India. After my son was born, I have been a stay at home mom who works as a freelance content writer. My articles and poems have appeared in various newspapers like Deccan Herald, DNA, Hindustan times, Indian express etc.

As a content writer, I have specialized in writing about the healthcare sector and lifestyle/beauty.

There is no escaping technology in today’s times. So it does not matter if you don’t work outside home. Embrace technology and make the most of it. You can have a wonderful career by working from home too. All you need is a laptop/desktop with a good internet connection. You will see a vista of opportunities opening on your window (pun intended).

Writing opportunities are plenty and so being a teacher in a virtual classroom. Architects and institutional designers also work from home these days. If you don’t want to work from home and are contended to be a home maker, then I salute you for taking on the toughest job possible with aplomb!”

Mums and stories is thankful to Rohini for this sweet and lovely story on her life and on her mum. Her outlook in life and message for other mums too makes this story worth a read and to be imbibed in life.


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