September 22, 2020

Neetha Bhoopalam on multiple interests in life

Here’s a story of a mum who has chalked out a method of pursuing multiple interests in life. According to her she is a mother who follows her passions and that passion has allowed her to translate it into multiple professions.

Neetha Bhoopalam is a restaurant and brand consultant, she is also into organic soaps and is a culinary trainer too. She is also an entrepreneur among the various titles she holds in her life. Perhaps the best title she chooses is to be a mother.

“I prefer being called a loving mother of beautiful son who is my strength for everything that I do in life. He encourages me to live my dream and that makes us share a special bond.


My family is my biggest strength. Today, I stand here because of my mother. She’s been a role model and encouraged me to learn anything that I wanted. Apart from education, I was encouraged to pursue arts, sports, singing music and much more in life.

I grew up in a joint family in a heritage home. I feel super happy that I received immense support from seven families under one roof. One thing I would love to share is that we as kids were never compared with each other’s caliber. Apart from education, we were said to explore anything.

Kids definitely need to experience the love of uncles, aunts and cousins which is missing in this mechanical world. There is so much learning from a joint family.  I can relate to it with my son in terms of this gap. So we make it a point to have family meetups and be a part of it.

And balancing my work and life has been a task. I do dedicate time for my son and involve him in all that I do. This year on, I have a milestone of spending more time with him and taking time off on holidays. Every day is a bonding session with him. So I am able to balance it.

A new journey began in my life in the year 2008 – I quit my corporate career and stayed home with my new born baby. This was the best time for me to unleash my passions and convert them it into a profession. My biggest inspiration was my brother who was doing his Hotel Management. I started experimenting with different kinds of cuisines. After this, I started conducting baking workshops at home and it was a super hit! And thus began “cookwithNeetha”, an experiential cooking initiative began for people who would want to explore cuisines of the world.

From conducting corporate bonding sessions for MNC’s to becoming an F&B consultant, my culinary journey has seen many vibrant colours of life and I enjoy every bit of it. Seeing the amazing response, I setup“Howaboutwee”. Howaboutwee focuses on exotic culinary events, experiential cooking, organic cosmetic making, fashion, lifestyle and consulting for F&B and events. We are planning activities specifically for kids too and that would be announced soon.

I have also done projects to support autistic adults and for women empowerment too. That gives me a lot of satisfaction. I do conduct a lot of workshops which specially help women to be financially independent.  This means a lot to me.

I have gained immense experience in difference domains. My advice for all the moms out there…’Encourage yourselves to get out of that shell and follow your dreams.”

Mums and stories wishes this interesting mum the very best in life. We end with a line of hers, “Every day is a new day and I strongly believe in upgrading my life to the next level.”




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