June 23, 2021

Namrata, Priya and Sunitha- Friendship day series

Our second picture story for friendship day series on Mums and stories.

Namrata Shetty, a fashion designer and now a homemaker shares her moment of friendship story with two other mums – Priya who works for a software giant and Sunitha who is a dentist . This is part of our series of friendship day stories on Mums and stories.

” We stayed in the same paying guest home but weren’t roommates. However there was a bond that slowly grew up. And the best part is even after we got married have our own life we make sure to meet once in 6 months & have stay over in each one of our homes.

At that time we become exactly like the way we were earlier and share each & everything. There are absolutely no secrets between us. In fact that’s the rule that there should be no secrets share whatever we have in life. This picture was taken in Mysore when we met in May.”

Seen in the picture- a trio of awesome mums Namrata, Priya and Sunitha

If you have something to share of your friendship as a mum with another parent, do mail us at mumsandstories@gmail.com with pictures

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