June 25, 2021

Farm Outing to Chiguru organised by A Green Venture- A Review

Mums and Stories loves recommending awesome activities, destinations, journeys, things to do, books, restaurants, cuisines, spaces, utilities that can be of interest to mothers and children.

This time we found the opportunity to review a farm space close to Bangalore which can be done as a day trip. We will be sharing our feedback and we are trying to bring out the true essence of the space through this mini photoblog.

(The sight of fresh bananas is refreshing to the mind and soul)

Chiguru farm is located approximately around 1.5 hours away from Bangalore and the road once you cross Art of Living Ashram on Kanakapura road changes to pitch green and looks inviting.

So it was a beautiful drive to this destination Chiguru farms which is nestled very close to forest reserves.

So we were head to the Chiguru Farm , a farm visit organised by A Green Venture

A group of enthusiast ones reached the destination and it was peaceful to say the least. We had kids too in the group and after a sumptuous breakfast we headed for the farm visit.


We were blessed with excellent breezy weather and we went along the guided tour seeing, feeling and even eating a few fruits.

(Bananas everywhere and it made one green patch)

Activities like climbing the Banyan tree or going around the farm in a tractor was fun for everyone.

(Many of us went for a ride on a tractor for the first time).

You can reach Chiguru farms in about two hours from Bangalore and it’s a great way to spend the weekend. There are stay options too but this was a one day farm visit and we completely enjoyed it. Also the guided tour from A Green Venture brings in the experience of understanding the space, processes like composting, and the experience of a curated activity.

(When kids and adults try climbing and hanging by the Banyan tree aerial roots. It was fun swinging and testing one’s strength )

Kids were excited to see cows, dogs, cats, monkeys and a few insects too. There are lots of birds, fruit bearing trees, tour to composting and one of the best lunches you can have from vegetables grown from the farm.

(Farms aren’t curated gardens but you do get to walk around, enjoying the greenery and nature almost raw like).

You can also  laze on the hammock or read a book under the tree or get acquainted with nature in an interesting manner.

We got to see a variety of fruit bearing trees and even did some lemon picking from the plants and tasting a few varieties of fruits.

(One of the fruit trees at Chiguru)

( Walking on farms is a different feeling and you find it a mini picnic space when you get to sit on well thought of benches in the field).


(When you enjoy the beverage made of jaggery and lemon, given once you are back from the farm tour).

Mums and Stories gives it a 5 on 5 for its sumptuous food given, for the experience which is very different from other activities that you can do in the city, for kids and adults who want to enjoy nature and understand how food is grown. You have to reach Chiguru farms on your own using your own transport. We do wish they would think of pooling in options for many more mums to go together and save the hassle of driving to the destination. Yet we are likely to head back to this destination for a star gazing experience when it is scheduled or for a farm visit with lots of kids accompanying us.

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