July 13, 2020

Kanchana Banerjee on being an author mum

A story of an author who recently released her book ‘A forgotten affair’ and we at Mums and stories wanted to know so much of being an author-mum.

Get to know Kanchana Banerjee as she shares insights on being a writer, entrepreneur of starting a writing community space and the nuances of being a single child herself and having a single child.

She also shares insights from her experience to aspiring writers and as a mum to an 18 year old, she talks of everything else interesting in her life.

“Childhood was truly the wonder years. I was the only child surrounded by love and yes, lots of books. My parents inculcated the love for books in me early. As far as I can remember I wanted to write- anything else wasn’t even a consideration. And that’s what I did. I have been writing for various publications and companies for the past 20 years. It was only a matter of time before I wrote a novel.

I began freelancing when my son was 2 years and I taught him early that this is my work time and space. Initially it was tough so I used to do less work because I wanted to focus on him. Then as he grew so did my work. It’s all about managing yourself first and then others. If you value yourself and the work you do, then others will respect it too.

My son who is now 18 is very creative; an avid photographer, a drummer and a writer too. He writes very well and I hope someday he writes a novel.  I am waiting for that day. I would say follow your dreams but have a backup plan. Unless you have a daddy who is a billionaire, be practical in life. Don’t lose sight of your passion and dream but ensure that you have a day job to pay the bills. Also a word of caution while chasing the race to pay the bills, don’t lose sight of your dream. There’s nothing more terrible than the ghost of unfulfilled dream haunting you.”



Talking about her book she shares, “The story is a love story which deals with the sensitive issues of emotional abuse that happens to women in affluent homes. It is about the journey of self discovery of a woman. Sagarika, the protagonist finds love outside her marriage. Then she meets with an accident, goes into deep coma and wakes up to a total memory loss.

The story is about her journey… how her ego-maniac husband handles the situation?? Does she remember? What has she forgotten?

As the tag line suggests: Sometimes you need to forget everything to recognize what matters most.”

Sharing her experience as an advice to aspiring writers she says, “ Read, read & read. and then write. Write everyday…the more you write, the better you’ll get. If you dream of writing, the only way to do it….is to just do it. stop talking about it and do it.

Today there are lot of choices for the kids in terms of career opportunities. My son is doing liberal arts in Flame University, Pune. He will major in Economics and Literary & Cultural studies. It is such fun combos that we know these weren’t’ there when we were in college. Sometimes I wish I could go back to college and study again.


I have a single child and being a being a single child myself, I understand what goes on in his mind. Single kids like their space. They enjoy being alone just as much as they enjoy company of friends. My son likes to be left alone when he returns from school. He doesn’t like chatting then. He isn’t being aloof. He has spent the entire morning with a room full of kids and now he wants to be alone. I understand that because I am like that. I love my friends but sometimes I make an excuse to stay at home alone and watch TV. This isn’t being un-social. This is just a single child syndrome!

And to tell something for every woman – a mom or otherwise, I would say. It’s very easy to lose sight of yourself…. of who you are and your dream in the domestic circus or the corporate madness. Agreeable, daily mundane life just gets in way. Don’t let that happen.

It doesn’t matter what your dream is. It could be to take a solo holiday or to join a baking class or to learn pole dancing. It could be even to write a book or to start a home business. Just do it.

Make your dream come true and watch yourself change. You’ll be born anew. This is your life. Make it happen. You are worth it. Believe me, you are!!”

On that wonderful note we at Mums and stories would like to thank Kanchana for sharing her experiences and journey with us.




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