October 4, 2022

Red Soil Spring – An immersive nature magazine for children

At Mums and Stories, we receive many children’s books for a review. But we came across Red Soil Spring – a monthly magazine that dedicates its content on nature that caters to children in the age group of 7-12 years.

Red Soil Spring is an independent publishing house that aims to connect children and nature. The Pandemic has taught parents and children realize the importance of learning, preserving and living with nature. It is important that a good resource is accessible for children who will live in the world that needs to conserve nature.

In January 2022, the magazine is going with a big step of going into print along with a digital edition. So we are definitely looking forward to holding a copy of the magazine.

We got to check a recent digital issue that had the theme of Pebbles for the month. The magazine is quite user-friendly for kids and gives the feeling of a real magazine on the screen. There are also interesting DIY activities and maps that does make the text interesting and immersive.

One of the topics from this issue focused on Oval shapes in Nature. How many things can you name in nature that is oval in shape? Kiwi-the native fruit of New Zealand is one of them. Egg, one of the protein rich foods is oval in shape. Pebbles on the beach are pleasing to hold, see and walk over it and of course are oval in shape. Yes, the topic got us including the child at home interested to know more on Pebbles and remember all the trips where pebbles were seen.

While a certain part of this particular issue focused on important natural resources found on Earth, like River Volga in Russia, Makhonjwa mountains in South Africa and Nazca in Peru, we found many more interesting topics like a chapter on Sea urchins. Again, do you know the precious metal found in Makhonjwa mountains? Read the issue to know more. You can even buy previous digital issues at a nominal price. Know more about them on https://www.redsoilspring.com

An earlier edition of Red Soil Spring

As it is a rich source of researched information, every edition makes for a good collectible like a good book in the home-library.

So coming to sea urchins – yes, those spiky balls that are found under water. Did you know there are over 200 species of sea urchins in the world and they do belong to the family of animals?

A few other interesting pages that caught our attention featured a story. A beautiful and simple story of Bashir and his Granny who planted the lemon tree made an interesting read.

If one were to take kids on a hiking trip or to a beach, one is sure to be inspired by a few activities mentioned in the magazine.

One of the activities that we have done earlier on mountain trips is the activity of Rock balancing. Collect various pebbles and stones of different shapes and sizes and stack them one over another. What we haven’t done is the advice suggested to take down the stack to prevent harming of the living beings inhabiting the area. We will note this point henceforth whenever we get to stack the pebbles and stones as part of rock- balancing activity.

While we found it informative and educational for kids, adults can join in to read the magazine together as a bonding activity and even try out the activities mentioned.

The magazine makes for a good leisure read, a little more than the Geography and Biology lessons and even presented in an eye-catchy manner. Kids who do love watching a good video on nature or reading up on them, the magazine can be an alternative informative source.

We at ‘Mums and Stories’ found the magazine quite engrossing and engaging in its content and presentation. You can read more about Red Soil Spring here on www.redsoilspring.com

The magazine has twelve issues being released every year with 64 pages in every issue and is 100% ad-free.

You can subscribe to the first print edition here https://www.redsoilspring.com/collections/print-subscription

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