June 23, 2021

Usha Rani on being a mum and winning the title of Mrs. Karnataka 2016

Who says you can stop adding layers in your persona once you are 30,40, 50 years 60 or even more. The stories featured on Mums and stories are largely on those women who love being mums. Period. There are a few who want to explore a little more in life. One such interesting individual is featured today on our space.

Meet Usharani, a mum of two grown up daughters who hasn’t given up on her aspirations and is inspiring many others. She is Mrs. Karnataka 2016, in classic category in 45yrs+ and also in Mrs India contest, she won the subtitle, Mrs. India inspirational 2016.

“ I was born into a conservative family, my parents were strict. Of the several restrictions, we were not allowed to go to friends house for playtime. We were never allowed to listen to elders conversation, neither did we get a chance to share our opinion.

Amidst all these one of the greatest things virtues that was enforced was education. Me and 4 sisters obediently fulfilled my parents dreams by completing our masters in respective subjects.

I was married to my husband at the age of 20, which I still continue to believe is a young age irrespective of the generation. Things which I will disclose henceforth are a culmination of my innocence and my husband’s disciplined nature.

Life began with my darling husband, a military man, not by his service, but by his disciplined nature.

I was given a set of do’s & don’ts in everyday life, this came as a shocker! Me being an optimistic person, listened to my intuitions. My gut feeling always told me I was born to make wonders in life. And this is the same faith and hope carried me through life. Eventually I started being opinionated and voicing it out in my marriage. This lead to several ups & downs but I have to say all the downs have given me more strengths and all the ups are my best memories in my marriage.


The day I was blessed with a baby girl my excitement knew no bounds! I thanked God for gifting me a companion. Suddenly I felt the freedom to be able to speak anything with my daughter without fear. In a few years I was gifted with my second daughter who was a pretty little doll. Both my angels made my days happier and sweeter than honey.

Motherhood is a boon! And this chapter made my life beautiful, interesting and complete. I lived my childhood through my children. And I am a proud mother.

The highlight of my parenthood has been me being friends with my children, which I maintained till today. Instead of restricting my kids I taught them the difference between the good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, literacy and illiteracy, smart work and hard work. I maintained patience and always open to understanding their opinions.

Because of the given freedom , trust, support and the encouragement, my children are successful and are living their dreams today.

My elder daughter has done her MS and working in California and the second daughter has graduated from Symbiosis, Pune and now working for a prestigious, top law firm in India.

When my second daughter reported to her first job, I realized my responsibility of watching them as guardian was over and I should also live my dreams.

To support my family financially, I proprieted a placement consultancy working as a HR recruiter for 16 years. This was my venture as an entrepreneur. During the same time I became an active member of women entrepreneurs group. One such organization is COWE(Confederation of women entrepreneurs), Karnataka.

From there I got the information about Mrs. Karnataka beauty pageant, where women of different age group can also take part. I wanted to challenge myself hence I participated and won the title of Mrs. Karnataka 2016. Later I competed in Mrs. India pageant, in classic category, and I won the subtitle of Mrs. India Inspirational 2016.


Life is short, live it to the fullest. Time & opportunity do not wait for anyone. Instead of counting the curses one has, it’s better to realize and acknowledge the blessings we have. Without worrying or cribbing about the fate or luck, visualize the opportunities around and make a change to one self. In life nobody will come to elevate us, only we have to climb with our own feet. At times staying stubborn, aggressive and having never give up attitude helps to bring a change in life.


My daughters are there always whenever I need their suggestion. Their support made me a strong individual today.  They give me positive critics which keeps me grounded but also is the best advice for the ventures I have taken up .Whether it was while running my office from home or I going to Hong Kong with women entrepreneurs or  taking part in beauty contests, my daughters have always stood by me.

As a mother of two children who are now adults, one important thing is never showing bias to any child and instead respecting each child as their own personalities. It takes great efforts not to compare one good child to the other but it is necessary that each child learn on their own. Recognizing & supporting their hobbies other than schooling is a key part in adding to the personality of a child.”

We thank Usha for sharing this lovely inspiring story with us.




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