July 13, 2020

Jyothi Murali Mohan on importance of cleanliness in the society

Mums and Stories features a short and sweet story of a mum who has implemented the cleanliness drive with great success.

The World Environment Day was recently commemorated and celebrated as a significant day. However taking it beyond a day of observance, here is a mother, an inspiring individual who chose to implement the cleanliness drive in a much larger format over the last few months.

Jyothi Murali Mohan is the principal of a school, a role she has got into recently and she is someone who likes to do something for the society through her own initiatives rather than depending on the authorities or anyone else.

Jyothi shares with Mums and Stories, “When I was working in a School in HSR, on my way back would see the garbage pile behind my apartment back gate. It was obviously not organized and neither segregated. This used to bother me and as soon as I quit my job; I got into the depth of our garbage management and got the place cleaned up and follow the segregation system.

The journey was not an easy affair as no one would come forward to be blamed from any department- be it association, garbage collector or residence. I had to do house to house awareness on segregation method and with my friends in HSR layout. We also got introduced to anti-plastic awareness and contact of ‘Two bin one bag ‘ concept . We undertook small awareness programs with like minded people and formed a core group. That was just the beginning.


Drives like ‘Swacha graha’ is very much the need of the day and awareness brings out lot of clarity in the quality of life we live. I am a proud mom to a 23 years working in Chicago. He is almost a mentor to me and takes pride in my initiatives. Personally I feel parents Parent should be a role model to their children.” Mums and Stories thanks Jyothi for sharing her journey with us and we wish her the very best in life.

If you have any tips to help mums or teach children to live in a plastic free world, do comment on this story.




One thought on “Jyothi Murali Mohan on importance of cleanliness in the society

  1. Wow Jyothi!! beautiful article and I’m proud about your drive to have a plastic free zone in our HSR layout….kudos!!

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