August 13, 2022

Tanya Agarwal on being a wellthy mum

How wealthy are you? The question would perhaps make one uneasy to talk about regardless of how economically well off you are in life or not. But what if you were to equate your wealth with your health? You will be more than willing to share your journey if you are a healthy individual who considers this to be wealthy enough. That’s exactly what Tanya Agarwal, a fitness lover, runner, mum and blogger at  is here to share with Mums and Stories.

Based in Gurgaon, Tanya Agarwal shares her journey. Recalling her childhood memories she says, “I was raised in Chandigarh, Delhi, and Amritsar. My father was in the Indian Revenue Services. I changed about 8 schools in a span of 18 years (including boarding schools) as my father was posted to various places within the state of Punjab. My mother was always around for my brother and me. I had an active childhood full of activities, travels, books, music and Calvin n Hobbes. I credit my parents for introducing me and pushing me towards fitness. My father gave me a very active childhood, taking charge of teaching me skating, horse riding, cycling, skipping and sent me for trekking. My mother is a great cook – she’s actively maintained a kitchen garden for the longest and instilled a love for home food.

But it was as soon as I became a mother, fitness became an integral part of my daily life. My fitness journey has taken many twists and turns and in the right direction. I have always had a small frame and so when I was pregnant I was asked to eat for two, and rest up. I just couldn’t get it. I decided to take it differently. I walked a lot, did brisk walks, did yoga, ate a lot – but ate well. I also mopped the floors two weeks before my delivery and squatted many times a day. I kept myself together through that period. And for the last 8 years I have benefited from it in every way. ”

Talking about fitness and women Tanya shares, “Women need to stay fit and strong at every age of their lives. It’s about healthy ageing. And it’s hard work because it’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors that lead to staying fit and healthy. It’s about celebrating staying fit at every age. As teenagers – we should learn self-defence. As moms – we have to be strong – emotionally and physically. Then there is the middle age, hormones and ageing – everything can be handled if you are an ACTIVE and AWARE woman. I will also say that fitness is real and many women are aware of it. I am so amazed and happy to see that today mothers have taken charge of their bodies and how! Being conscious helps and  watching what’s filling the plate is making a difference.

Zumba created a revolution for many women in our country. Dancing is a joy and mixing it with a workout has brought in a purpose. So whether it’s pilates, yoga, running, strength training or brisk walking – women are doing their bit to stay fit.”

Sharing a few tips for the beginners this energetic mum shares, “First – They need to tell themselves that fitness is a long term commitment. Here are some tangibles to begin with your fitness journey:

  • Get a thorough body check done – Thyroid, PCOD, Blood, Sugar. These tests will tell you if you need to first reach out for medical help before you plan a fitness regime for yourself.
  • Check your weight and height – Most importantly get your BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI or Body Mass Index measures how healthy your weight is based on how tall you are. It gives you a clue to your risk for weight related health problems.
  • Maintain a food diary – Especially if you are trying to lose weight. You can only make changes to your diet and lifestyle once you are aware of what is going wrong. And for that I suggest you write what you eat. Be honest.
  • Take a stock of your physical activity – How much physical activity do you do? Are you a brisk walker? How many days a week? 3-4 hours of intense physical activity is recommended in a week – no matter how tough that sounds = giving 3-4 hours to your physical fitness over 7 days is not tough at all.
  • Identify what physical workout excites you – If you enjoy dancing, then zumba classes are in plenty. If you are unable to get out because of small kids and lack of support at home – then you could call a strength trainer at home. Yoga centres are everywhere.  And if nothing else works – lace up a pair of running shoes and go running. You could join a local running group. There is enough today. And if nothing suits you – buy a basic fitbit and start keeping a track of your daily steps and work towards making it higher. There is something for everyone, we only have to make a start.

My blog/webpage, is my journey into fitness and motivation. It’s about having a reason to wake up to things beyond work and routine, specifically related to a fit body and mind. Through my blog I inspire both men and women to stay the course of fitness in any way!

My chosen tools of writing are running, Yoga, travel fitness, trekking and nutrition. All these fields have a lot of depth, heart and technicality to them and so apart from myself,  I invite people who are experienced and passionate about fitness to write and educate people. They need not be experts. Am not selling anything tangible to people – I don’t sell diets, coaches or fitness regimes.

The blog has my reviews on health products and food. I also affiliate with various organizations to promote their products if it aligns with what I am doing and my values.  I have my own youtube channel where I put up my workouts

Talking about her kids, Tanya mentions, “ My daughter is 6.5 and my son is 3.5. Having a passion that drives me helps the kids in more than one ways…in my case – both see me practicing yoga in the evenings, or just watch me doing surya namaskars. My daughter is picking up Yoga – she has amazing flexibility and watching me try asanas, surely tickles her mind. She joins me for my yoga sessions – whatever she does for 20 minutes or so, leaves me patting myself.

My daughter likes to go trekking, we’ve done short treks together.

One of my most amazing treks happened when I was 23. I was a single woman working more than 12 hours a day in the crazy city of Bombay. For some reason I decided to go for the Miyar Valley Trek. I really wanted to go beyond Rohtang valley because every time I came back from that point. The trek stretches from an altitude of 3250 mts to 5450 mts.

Every trek has its rejuvenating views, snow capped mountains, streams. But what was striking about Miyar valley – the small little villages at the confluence of the rivers, full of serene calm people…a very conspicuous Buddhist atmosphere all over the place.  There were so many rough trails and it has the most terrific terrain. From walking on green pastures to suddenly hitting barren brown mountains is like entering a different world within minutes….I had never done glacier trekking before in my life and this left me spell bound. Those 10 days at Miyar Valley make for some beautiful memories of my days as a young impressionable single woman.”

Talking of food habits at home this fitness freak mum shares, “A lot of healthy lifestyle comes from the kitchen. I hugely insist on eating home cooked food – day after day, meal after meal! Where I buy my groceries from, my meats from, and what and how we cook at home – doing it consistently and constantly helps. Simple things like – baking our own cookies, muffins, avoiding the sugar dunked icing, learning to eat the simple yet refreshing khichdi, eating all kinds of vegetables ( surely goes without saying that this is not easy and I do fail many times – but again constantly trying is what I do and what will help in the long run.)

Stressing on having a meal that is complete in carbs, protein and greens – is actually very important. My daughter is slowly learning to understand that just rice, daal and yogurt is not enough. So we have now started adding some salad leaves too. But all very gradually and when they see me eating like that – I do think it will help them in making a perception.

And because they are kids, they do get their share of ice creams, nachos and all the junk the like. Colored juice boxes and soda are complete NO. We don’t stock them at all at home.

I can tell you that the food part is a lot of hard work. I don’t insist on any standard portions and sometimes I even feed them with my hands when the going gets tough because for me food is the basic even though table manners can wait!”



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