October 4, 2022

Are you a mum who wants to share your story?

Inspiring stories coming soon for ” Don’t Judge me for being me.”

Do look out for interesting stories coming soon. If you have a story to be shared where you were judged as a mum, get in touch with us. Write to mumsandstories@gmail.com with your contact number.

If you are one of them and willing to talk about it, please get in touch with us.

a) You are a mum who has been body shamed for being dark skinned, obese or being too thin too.

b) You are a mum who has a child with special needs and you find others judging you or your child on many occasions.

c) You are a mum who is a single parent and a divorcee.

d) You are a mum who has been in leading positions in the company or career and your problems are often sidelined as you are believed to be a problem solver.

e) A mum who who has accepted your son or daughter has a different sexual orientation.

f) You are a mum who is stay at home individual who is happy and no matter what you say to others, people judge you or ask you to get back to work.

g) You are a mum who is a pet parent, married and don’t believe in having kids.

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