August 7, 2020

Don’t Judge Me series- Meghana Raikar speaking one being a parent to an autisitic child

Women generally are prone to being judged by others in their appearance, attitude and on so many occasions. Being a mum doesn’t exclude the chapter of being judged. We let ourselves being judged and get into the trap of doing the same thing for others too.

This series is a small attempt to break a few myths, shed light on how moms feel being judged due to a parenting decision they have taken or because of their choices in life.

If you have a story where you would like to pen it or us to write it for you or willing to be part of the video series, do reach us.

Meghana Raikar is a mum, an individual who has made strong decisions in life and stuck to them. She believes it is easy for others to judge you when you are mum to three kids with one of them being an autistic one. However she shares things are changing and hopes moms go less judgmental and softer on themselves and not judge others too for their situations or decisions.

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