April 17, 2021

Anitha Reddy the barefoot mum and traveller


Here’s one of the exciting stories that speaks about travel, adventure and living life without borders defined by someone else. Meet Anita Reddy, a barefoot runner, adventure lover, traveller, mum and someone who is constantly looking for new avenues to live life. Since the time she took to barefoot running, she shares that she has given up wearing footwear at all times.

If that is enough to raise eyebrows, she is making many wonder with her forthcoming trip where she is gearing up with her team member to take a two women drive from London to Russia (16000kms) through 20 countries in an old car- the idea of living in basics through unfamiliar territories and letting go of fears of the unexpected.

Anitha shares with Mums and stories, “I was inspired to barefoot running when I saw barefoot runners in a marathon. While recovering from a running injury I started walking barefoot for an hour everyday. It changed the way I felt while walking. It has made me calmer and connected with myself. I took it up seriously and left wearing footwear since March 2016. I run, walk and trek barefoot. I have even walked in temperatures ranging from 47c to -3c. I have even trekked in Himalayas without shoes on a 240kms stretch.

In my opinion, shoes have restricted the movement of our foot muscles and taken away the natural movement of our feet. Today there is research which says being barefoot is healthier for body mind and soul.

As a kid I loved the outdoors, however I didn’t travel much and didn’t have room to do anything much because of circumstances. Now I have been married for 20years with two boys who are 19 and 17 years. My husband and kids have been very supportive of my interests and passions.


During the transition periods there were rifts as it was very difficult for them to understand the new me. But today they are proud of what I have been able to do. My two boys are adventurous, independent and empathetic. They have taught me so much more than I teaching them. Irrespective of what they deal with they are survivor’s – that’s the most I am proud of as their mom

I found a new me when I started travelling and trekking. The self confidence increased. I was able to make a change not just in my life and my family and friends but also others in general. I do feel nature teaches us to grow irrespective of pain or gain. In fact to climb a tall mountain we need to bow our heads and walk. Most of us lead materialistic lives and I would say messed up wardrobes are not more important than messed up minds.

If we learn to clean up our insides first rather than concentrate only on the outside – most life situations will become manageable.”

“Travelling helped me find myself. All that I used to fret about became insignificant. Life became more balanced. I have become a better human being and a better mum. I do understand that there is a requirement of balance to commitments is important. But we forget that the first commitment is to self. If we are unhappy then it flows into our family. Each one of us should have something to look forward to for ourselves and without expectations. Whatever is the passion go ahead and do it even if initially there are obstacles.

Discoveries don’t happen by doing the same things. Travelling helps you discover and makes one modest. Our forthcoming trip under the banner of Happy Harriet’s with a women only team, we hope we are able to inspire more women to take up their passions more seriously.

It’s immensely satisfying to be able to follow our dreams and fulfill our attempt in collecting donations for the charities we believe are right and essential.”

Lastly Anitha wraps up mentioning her best role has been that of a traveller.

We at Mums and stories thank Anitha for sharing her experience and insights to her way of life.
Wishing her happy travels and many more interesting stories to be shared.

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