April 11, 2021

Lina David on cycling that can be a strengthening bond

We have received a short story from a mum in Mumbai who wanted to share how cycling has become a tool for her fitness goals, for strengthening her bond with her child and also helping in shaping her identity.

Lina David, a blogger, a fitness enthusiast particularly a cyclist shares, “ My kid is a preterm baby. He had lots of complications and could not compete in any sport

Whenever he tried to run he would get breathless- we tried enrolling him in football..cricket..karate…and several other options.

My son Joel David loves sports…everywhere I was told he cannot run…or cannot cope up with other kids.

This was until one day I took the challenge and in April last year, bought a cycle for myself and told him I will join him for cycling and that I need to lose weight too.

Many people laughed at me in the beginning…but i chose to ignore all.

It was difficult as at first I could not even peddle 2 kms.

But I didn’t give up. In fact, my dad in his youth travelled 19 kilometers to office on cycle and I took the inspiration from him and often think of him when i got tired or wanted to give up.

It’s almost 9 months and now we manage more than 25 kms in one go.

We travel often on Mumbai highways and we often join the professional cyclist group buddy riders.

My son has gained confidence and no longer complains. He likes to identify himself too as a cyclist!

I want to tell all the moms out there just believe in yourself and your kids.

Don’t let the world  judge you. Never ever give up on yourself or your  kids. I have also started a page cycle with mom and healthy lifestyle by lina.”

Mums and Stories wishes Lina and her son the very best in life and we will love to hear such  interesting mother child stories that has been strengthened due to a common goal or hobby.

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