November 24, 2020

Garden Pictures submissions-Green Gardening contest

Garden Pictures submissions-Green Gardening contest



This Summer a book you need to pick for your child is Green Gardening by Benita Sen, published by HarperCollins India. You can buy the book here-

We had asked the participants to use the three hashtags #Greengardening , #HarperCollins and #Mumsandstories and share your picture of your garden.

We are looking for best personal garden pictures in balconies, homes, indoor spaces etc.

Two lucky winners get to win a gift hamper from Harper Collins India.

Any query, reach us at

Sanchita Bhartiya Bansal shares with Mums and Stories her journey of nurturing a beautiful terrace garden. ” I have been maintaining my space as a soulful bask in wintery revel and to wade away my melancholic blues.

(Photographs submitted by Sanchita Bansal)

(Featured image is also submitted by Sanchita)

It is also the space to spend some tome with my toddler..least did I know that being a freelance model by profession this garden would come up as a perfect location for my shoot too. The connection I have with this space brings out the best in me.”

Deepa Jaishingh shares, “This garden is being watered by my 3- year old daughter everyday as a part of her daily duties. She uses her own watering can to water them. At times I have seen her talking to the avocado plant, the money plant and the flowers.


(Garden photographs of Deepa Jai Singh)

This is a great way to understanding nature and staying connected to your roots.

Some days I like to have my cuppa tea too here. It takes away all the stress.”

Seema Jain has sent the pictures of her garden too.

(Seema Jain in her garden-Photographs submitted for Green Garden contest)

We also have Shivaani Aggarwal who has enthusiastically sent the pictures of her garden that seems to have taken its place in every nook and corner of the house including her kitchen.


(Photographs sent by Shivaani Aggarwal).

We thank all the participants for sharing the photographs and participating in the contest.


Results will be declared at the earliest.

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