October 26, 2020

Deepti Shanbag on why travelling with kids can be fun too

Tickets, kid friendly destinations, child-friendly transport modes, amazing travel goals- our social media feeds are filled with information of such kinds or we have friends showcasing their pictures to envy worthy destinations. While it may seem a juggle and a dilemma on managing kids in travels or managing finances to fancy destinations, here is a mum who insists travel needs to be on priority.

Deepti  Shanbag is a travel blogger mama as she identifies herself and is based in Seattle. Deepti believes in showing other young moms that they can fulfill their travelling dream even after having kids.

“My childhood was spent traveling the length and breadth of India. Being an Army kid, I grew up all over my beautiful country. I have great memories of playing around apricot trees and glacial streams in the Himalayan meadows. I have even had experiences of frolicking with peacocks in royal palaces of Rajasthan and counting blue lotuses in the lakes nearby and so many more cherished memories.”

After all isn’t our world, one big beautiful classroom without walls?

Traveling with your kids can be extremely fulfilling. Children are far more intuitive, intelligent and resilient than we give them credit for. Don’t just assume they will like artificial rides and slides in a theme park. You will be surprised to see how much your kid enjoys splashing in turquoise beaches, building castles out of silver sands and spotting animals in lush forests. Give it a try and watch how nature exhilarates your little ones.

Motherhood and pregnancy has been a bitter sweet experience. I absolutely love motherhood but pregnancy was a rollercoaster ride. It was fraught with complications; stress and trauma from the word go. At one point, endless scans, anxiety over disturbing results and a dismal forecast of pregnancy became too much to handle.

At that point I did something no one would do. I decided to listen to my heart. It whispered “ travel”. And travel I did. With Neev safely snug inside my tummy and loving husband by my side, we flew to Greece. Unwinding in idyllic seaside towns by the deep blue Aegean sea was just what the doctor ordered !  { well..actually quite the opposite! }

Confidence and a strong belief in yourself is all you need to overcome tough situations. Few months later I had a bright, beautiful ,brilliant baby with the same courage & resilience I had hoped for. “

Deepti also manages her travel brand called Three Tickets Please at https://threeticketsplease.com/, which motivates families to explore our stunning planet with kids.

Together with her husband and son she has travelled to 31 countries in 4 continents. She is on a mission to dispel the myth that couples cannot travel after having babies!

After enormous travel experience she shares, “ Some of the most important things while traveling with kids to various countries is keeping their vaccinations up to date.

With our son, we’ve explored crumbling temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodian jungles and got charmed in the busting souks of Middle East. We’ve splashed in the wild waves of the Atlantic in Portugal and relaxed in tranquil rice terraces of Indonesia. We’ve relished Turkish ice-creams in the streets of Istanbul and played in olive groves in the Tuscan region of Italy.

Deepti has a word of advice for other mums. “All you moms out there, If you love traveling then do it. You get one life to live! Make it count. You will be judged for traveling with your kids. You will be told it’s not a good idea. But remember you know yourself and your kid the best. With a little research, common sense and the strong intuitive sense ( that all moms possess), you can easily travel with your kids.

Some practical advice I’d like to give moms from my experience is –  It’s easier to travel when your baby is under age 2. They sleep most of the time in flight. They almost fly free all over the world. The immunity of nursing babies is higher and chances of falling sick are extremely low. It’s easier from 0-2 than 2-5. Between 2 – 5  is a rebellious period, but inflight entertainment, good local food and my son’s curiosity usually helps me out. He’s fascinated with the foods from different countries. All the early exposure did him good. He’s still a very picky eater at home but eats amazingly well when we are travelling.

I was surprised to see how he slurped silky noodle soup in Vietnam and gobbled up risottos in Italy. How he polished off Tagines in Africa and lapped up smoked Salmon sandwiches in Scandinavia. The flip side however is, it’s gotten harder to get him to eat rice & rasam at home !

If your kid is a picky eater while travelling then stick to some easy options like macaroni, noodles or pizzas that are easily available world over and are your child’s favorite. Always have handy snacks like bananas, cheese sticks or crackers in your bag. Don’t stress a lot while travelling, let them eat what they like – even if its cupcakes!  After all they are on a holiday too!

Step out there with your kids and discover how enchanting our planet is! It’s like stepping in a fairy tale – only a REAL one.”

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