June 25, 2021

Mamma Mia the colouring book for Mommyhood

Mamma Mia is this adult colouring book that captures the quirky , annoying, hilarious sides of parenting. The books is published by Wonder House with Pranoti Sheldenkar whos has penned the funny and witty lines based on her experience and they are illustrated by Archana Rajagopal.

Sharing how the book came about, Pranoti a mum herself shares, “This book happened almost by accident, about the same time as my younger child. I would be I would be sitting up at night with the new-born, and managing an active five-year-old during the day. The hours merged into days and somewhere in the throes of this Mommy-hood and after cleaning up yet another poop, I caught myself wondering whether I had not done it just a few minutes before. And “Deja poo” popped into my head.

Pranoti Sheldenkar- Picture courtesy- Author

From that night onward, these lines became my life line and my coping mechanism to stay sane. I would look back on the events of the day and try and see whether I could find a nugget of humor in them and then craft a line. 

I started sharing these with a few friends, and on the insistence of one of them, started structuring it into a book-ish form. Then got in touch with Archana for the illustrations and that’s how it started.

Pranoti, has a few tips for other authors who are trying to get a book published.  She shares, “You need to have perseverance. I’ve had plenty of rejections by publishers.  The trick is to mope/sulk about the rejection for a couple of days and then spring up like a jack in the box and Try again. And again. 

Also have patience – for me, the whole process of Mamma Mia from start to finish took about 4 years! There will be iterations, there will be rejections, there will be consensus building, there will be disagreements on whether a comma or an ellipse is the way to go. But you do get there in the end – it’s very much like child rearing. Its repetitive, sometimes tedious, often difficult but quite fulfilling at the end of it all.”

Talking about partnering with a young illustrator who is not a mom yet, Pranoti shares, “Archana runs her own graphic design business and is an illustrator as well. When we first spoke about it, she wasn’t sure about this project as she is not yet a mum but some of the lines tickled her and reminded her of her own childhood antics. She got the humour and fortunately we clicked – so she signed on and we had a ball making this book together. I keep telling her that she is getting the real, unvarnished look at parenting so will be well prepared!”

(Archana Rajagopal)

Lastly this interesting author mum has advice for other mums on why we need to take ourselves a less serious on occasions. “By default, moms are hardwired to second guess themselves – and why not, one is raising a human without any kind of instruction manual. However, (And this is something I tell myself daily) a happy parent is possibly the greatest guarantee of a happy child. So while it is not easy, it is necessary to do things that give one joy as an individual and have an identity which is beyond being a mum.”

(An apt picture for the year of being online -2020 (Picture from Mamma Mia)

 Mums and Stories finds the book a great option to gift a new mom who might be going through some of the situations or she can see humour in anticipating a few situations. It can be taken as a bonding activity where kids and mums can colour the book together. There are a few honest and direct lines that remind one of their new parenthood moments and we again find the book a good option to gift a new mommy or a would-be-mommy.

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