July 15, 2020

Razia Khan getting nostalgic on Pashmina

As part of the Pashmina contest organised by Mums and Stories with HarperCollins here is the last entry for Pashmina contest by Razia Khan

We had mentioned that the short story and poem can be funny, interesting or anything that can incite a good or emotional memory.

Two winners will also win the book Pashmina, by the author -Nidhi Chanani.

You can buy the book here- https://amzn.to/2IDkQ32

Razia Khan goes on a nostalgia trip on Pashmina shawls that she has in her closet.

” I work for an automobile company as finance analyst in Chennai, mum of a 3 month old baby boy. My interests are reading books, cooking and writing ( which of late I restarted in my maternity leave).

My Pashmina- The title itself brought in some nostalgic thoughts of the pashmina(s) I hold. On reading my friends experience on their Pashmina, I now got the urge to write my experience.

I toured Kashmir in 2016 with my husband. It was my first trip thrrough flight and was all excited to travel to the heavenly land.

It was summer time and best time to visit Kashmir.

I knew Kashmir was famous for Pashmina shawls, dry fruits, saffron and fruits. I planned to shop them at the best stores.

I loved the Pashmina shawls even when I saw at the local stores in Chennai but never bought it.

First day of our trip was local sight seeing and the driver took us to a handicraft shop. I just fell in love seeing the wonderful Pashmina shawls, handwoven carpets and suits.

The carpets and winter suits was not of much use to me. I purchased two Pashmina for myself. One multi colored with a blue base and another which can be worn both sides red and black with very nice flower work.

I fell in love with the double colored one red and black and started using it immediately. I draped it on all 5 days I stayed in Kashmir. It looked wonderful on the photos as well.
Back home I started using the blue based pashmina on almost all the salwar tops. On the subsequent days of my trip whenever we were out for shopping I was looking for more and more Pashmina shawls. I got one pink colored pashmina for my sister, an off white for my mom and another red for myself. Now I’m a proud owner of 3 Pashmina and I carry at least 2 wherever I go.”

(Featured image is from the book Pashmina written by Nidhi Chanani, published by HarperCollins)

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