June 23, 2021

Submissions for Mother’s day contest -#Iamanawesomemum

We have had three mums until now who have sent their posters.

Get creative, get funny, get innovative, get emtional and send us a poster writing why you are an awesome mum.

Email to mumsandstories@gmail.com with your contact number and the poster emailed. It is better if you use the hashtags #mumsandstories #Iamanawesomemum

Here is Radhika Bhandari’s photograph for the contest.


This one has lot of colours and it is sent to us by Grace Sitharaman.

The featured image is sent to us by Sujata Ganguly all the way from Kolkata

If you too want to participate then here are the details;


Contest dates- May 7th to May 13th.

This Mother’s Day Mums and Stories welcomes entries for the most innovative, fun , interesting poster that you can write as Mother’s Day message.

It is time to feel special.

Send us the lines written clearly I am an awesome mum because……

You can ask your child and get your response why you are an awesome mum or you can write the response yourself, as to why you consider yourself to be that awesome mum

Do not forget to use the hashtags #Mumsandstories #Iamanawesomemum


One winner gets 1000 rupees (Rs, One Thousand Rupees) voucher from Mums and Stories.

You can comment on twitter using the hashtags of #mumsandstories and #iamanawesomemum  or send us your pictures to mumsandstories@gmail.com

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